Monday, July 2, 2012

pizza, margarita, dessert and more dessert...

Mr. H and I had an awesome weekend!  We had no plans Saturday and Sunday so we had lots of lounge time at home, which was super awesome!

Friday night is always pizza night and we decided to invite one of our sweet couple friends from Bible study over for pizza, drinks and Mexican train.  

Let me start by saying I was really wanting Skinny Girl Margaritas so I went to two stores and called two others, but no one had it.  Can you believe that?  I was so bummed.  Anyways, Lauren and I decided to make these super, super delicious frozen margaritas!  It's just a frozen can of Bacardi margarita (which I hadn't had in years!), a few strawberries and a little shot of tequila.  They were so amazing and perfect for the hot summer day!  

If you've never tried Papa Murphy's Pizza, it's a total MUST!  Look how yummy this pizza looks..and it tasted even better!!  

Lauren and Max brought stuff to make strawberry shortcake.  It's seriously the perfect dessert for summer and it's honestly not THAT bad for you.  Ha.  

Mr. H and I only got out of the house on Saturday to go to the store and then grabbed a happy hour Sonic drink.  Yum!  We spend the entire day watching tv, playing skip bo and just hanging out.  It was so much fun!

I REALLY wanted us to try one of my pinterest dessert recipes so while we were at the store we picked up a few ingredients.  The dessert Mr. H selected for us to make was Pioneer Woman's best chocolate sheet cake ever.  First of all, it was really easy to make.  And second of all, OMG it was/is AMAZING!  I love the melted frosting and the little pieces of pecans.  WOW!!!!!!

Mr. H was the chef and I was the sou chef.  We make such great team.  And you know I had to put on my super cute apron!  

It made a ton.  Don't worry we won't eat it all.  I don't want to turn into a big ol' cow!  That's right, I get a piece of it tonight and of course you gotta have milk with it.   

Let me just take a minute to brag about Mr. H.  He is just the best husband ever!  He's a morning person and I am SOOOO not.  He knows it takes me a while to "get up" so while I lay on the couch, he makes breakfast. 

He made me breakfast Saturday AND Sunday morning.  Sunday morning he made these amazing buttermilk pancakes with berries.  I'm so lucky to have such a sweet husband.  Thanks Mr. H for being so awesome and loving towards your wifey!

Sunday we went over to my mom's house (she just got back from a two week Alaskan cruise) and had lunch with my sister and her family.  We all hadn't been together in a while so it was fun to see everyone.  

Sunday night was so incredible.  Our church has what they call "Celebration Sunday" and it's basically a night of singing worship songs and baptisms.  It's just a joyful time and amazing to hear all the testimonies.  God works in everyone's life differently and it's so cool to see people's lives transformed.  

This week will be SUPER short...thank you July 4th!!!  Mr. H and I will be headed to the lake at the end of the week and I'm so excited to get away for a few days!!  

Happy MONDAY! 
(p.s. can't wait to watch the Bachelorette tonight!!!!)


  1. That food all looks delicious. Skinny girl is amazing. We went out and bought the two different kinds of margaritas, a vodka, a wine... all good so far!

  2. Sometimes you just need a fun, relaxing weekend with the hubby, friends and family. We had a family cookout yesterday and then spent the rest of the day swimming in the waves at the beach. It was just nice. You're pictures are so eye-catching! And it's so nice when husbands cook breakfast-I'm not a morning person either!


  3. oh gosh, all of this food is making me extremely hungry! so delicious!!!!
    xo TJ

  4. Fun! All of this food just made me hungry! Those margarita's sound & look delish! I love Papa Murphy's pizza :)

  5. Anica - this sounds like an amazing weekend! And that dessert and those pancakes look amazing! Actually, everything you ate all week, looked amazing! Glad it was so fun and have a great time at the lake :)

  6. Well looks like you hit the jackpot food wise! I'm totally drooling just looking at all this amazing food and drink!! Glad you had a good weekend! xo

  7. Holy cow, that's a lot of delicious food! I'm totally drooling over that pizza. Love your cute apron, btw.

  8. That sheet cake? You just convinced me to make it this weekend for hubby and I. So thank you...even though my waistline doesn't. ;)

    And the margarita that you ladies made? Looks DELICIOUS. I wish I had one on my desk right now. That's appropriate, right? Hahahahah


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