Tuesday, July 10, 2012

let's talk bachelorette

I'm so proud of my top three guys making it this far!!!!

(I want to keep you all!)

Jef-I've liked you for a while, but after every episode I think I can see a real connection between you and Emily.  I think everything you say is so genuine and I honestly think you would be a loving husband to Emily and a fun step-dad to Ricki.  You and Emily had an amazing day and the way you turned down the fantasy suite was so respectful and makes me like you even more!  Emily would be more than lucky to have you as her husband.

Sean-I think the world was in shock when Emily sent you home last night.  I honestly don't think Emily explained exactly why she sent you home.  The only think I can think of is that she saw something more with Jef and Arie.  I think you and Emily would have made a perfect couple and I would have loved to share my city with you too.  I have an awesome friend who will be perfect for you!  I'm sure you read my blog so just send me a message and I'll hook you up.

Arie-I have liked you from the start.  There is obviously a strong physical connection between you and Emily.  Honestly, I thought you would be the one to go home.  I thought she would see that she was missing more of an emotional connection.  Plus to be totally honest, I wasn't thrilled with your family and thought they weren't very warm and welcoming to Emily.  Don't take it personally, I totally like you Arie.  I love how much you care for Emily and want the best for her.  Best of luck Arie!

OKAY, two things: 1) I wish the "Men Tell All" was after the final episode.  I can't stand to wait two weeks until she makes her decision.  2) From the preview of the final episode, it seems as though she doesn't choose either Jef or Arie.  That better not be the case or I'll be very upset.

p.s. What's with the final episode being on Sunday night?  Weird!

Tell me what YOU thought about last night's episode?

Were you SHOCKED Emily sent Sean home?


I'm liking up again with the lovely Meghan from More from Meg.  Check out all the chit cat about the latest episode of The Bachelorette!

Until next Monday!!


  1. I've only been 1/2 watching the bachelorette this season and I just happened to catch Emily's date with Sean last night...then I wake up this morning to see she sent him home? REALLY?!?! She was saying how much she liked him and how she couldn't keep her hands of him and how he was so ready to be a husband and dad?

    I don't get it!!

  2. I loved Sean! I was so disappointed when she sent him home!

  3. Found you through the link up!

    You took the words right out of my mouth for Jef. Sean was my favorite, but Jef was a close second and I hope he's the one she says YES to.

    Arie is a great guy, but he lost points because of his family and with his job, he wouldn't be around all the time like Jef or Sean. That's why I honestly felt like Arie wasn't the best fit for Emily and Ricki. AND I didn't like that it took him til this episode to talk to her about Ricki. Unless if I missed the other times that he did, that really bothered me.

    I want to know what happens on the final episode. It's either she doesn't choose either one, OR she just send one home without letting him propose to her. We'll see!

  4. sooooooooo - I was running across the bridge staring at the ocean and all of a sudden I realized the time and that I was missing the bach! I had a little panic attack, but then realized you would summarize everything for me :) boom! Luckily I caught the end - but happy to read your update! Sean - was nice, but jeff is way better :)

  5. to be honest i wasn't shocked at all that she sent sean home. i liked him at the beginning but by the end i thought he was WAY to cocky and cheesy. of course i'm all for team jef with one f. too adorable for words. and i like arie but his family speaking in a different language infront of her was not okay.
    and seriously why is the finale on a sunday?!?! so weird!
    xo TJ

  6. I had a feeling Sean was going home... made me sad :(


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