Wednesday, July 11, 2012

i got flowers again!!!

Mr. H came home last night with flowers for me!!  Read here on Mr. H's philosophy on giving me flowers.

I love my man more than anything and whenever I get flowers, I cherish them because it doesn't happen to often.  I love these because of all the bright colors.  There're so cherry!  

AND since Mr. H left this morning at 6 am...I won't see him until Friday night so these will bring a smile to my face while he's gone.  Let me just vent and say I hate when he travels for work.  It's only two days, but I still just miss him and wish he was here.  I'm a needy girl only when it comes to his time.  We spend every evening together and when he's not here it's just weird.  Thank goodness for facetime.  At least I can "see" him.  

Thanks Mr. H for these pretty flowers and I can't wait to have you home on Friday.  


  1. awww...thats so sweet!

  2. now THAT, is a keeper! <3 you're a very lucky woman..! but i'm sure mrH is an even luckier fella! :)


  3. As a wife and mother who travels for work (about 1 week out of every 5) you can rest assured that he misses you horribly. And that there is not time for him to do anything fun. I can pretty certainly say he works longer hours while away and when he goes back to his hotel to crash all he thinks about is you and sleep. :)

  4. Aw, now that's sweets. I love getting bright fun flowers.


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