Friday, June 29, 2012

fashion friday...beachy chic

Today's Fashion Friday is all about the beach!  Whether you are headed to the beach for vacation, headed to the lake for the weekend or out in your own back yard, you can always look fashionable.  

retro chic
I love the the trend of mixing and matching bikini pieces.  Who doesn't love polka dots with a bright top?  I totally wish I had this little number!  I actually just bought a stripped black and white top to wear with hot pink bottoms.  It's a super cute combo.  I'd totally rock this outfit if I was on the beach.  

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sophisticated chic
I think one pieces are totally making a come back.  Gone are the days where only mom's sported a one piece.  There are so many cute one pieces and my favorite are the strapless ones.  I saws these bangles a while back and think this is the perfect outfit for them.  

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What do YOU think about mixing and matching bikini pieces?

Do YOU have a one piece you'll be wearing this summer?

I'm linking up with the lovely {av} over at long distance loving for my Friday's Fancies.  Check out some of the other great outfits fellow bloggers have put together.  It's one of my favorite parts of the link up.

Guess what Mr. H and I will be doing this weekend??? NOTHING!  That's right, we have no plans!  I'm sure we may try to meet up with a friend or two, but as of right now we have no plans.  That's totally a first lately.  We have been so busy so it's nice to have some time to just hang out at home and spend a little time together.  Maybe I need to get out the date jar and have Mr. H take me on a date!!  

What are YOUR weekend plans?

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

i swear you'll love it!

Okay, I never say this about many products, but let me tell you about this wonderful new product I was introduced to recently that is AMAZING.

My mother-in-law, Laurie, and sister-in-law, SB, both use products from L'Occitane.  They've gotten me a few items at Christmas which I loved.  A few months ago, SB and I decided to do our nails when we were home for a holiday.  Before we painted, she told me to try this hand scrub her mom had.  It looked weird, but I thought what's the harm.  I could instantly feel my hands getting softer while I was scrubbing them together.  After I rinsed them off, all I felt was pure silkiness.  OMG...I was obsessed just after that one time!  I can't even tell you how amazing it felt!!!

L'Occitane's Shea Butter One Minute Hand Scrub

  • put a small amount in your hand (the oil sits at the top so make sure you get the scrub part at the bottom)
  • scrub your hands together for at least one minute (I love it so much I think it scrub closer to 2 minutes)
  • rinse off with water
  • then feel the silkiness
Not only does it make your hands feel so soft, but it smells really nice too.  It's a little over my price range when it comes to this sort of thing, but I knew I HAD to have it.  It's going to help my hands age well so it's well worth it, right!?!?

I would highly recommend you stop by your local L'Occitane store or order it online.  I promise, you'll be glad you did!  

Oh and I've also fallen in love with the cherry blossom soap they have.  It smells so amazing!  Mr. H even uses it!!  p.s. Don't tell him I told you.

Thanks Laurie and SB for introducing me to these amazing product.  I am in LOVE!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

let's talk bachelorette

I love the Bachelorette and Bachelor!!  I don't know what it is about the show...I mean the success rate is like 2%.  I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic and I love watching love stories.  Plus I love me some drama.

Let's get started.  So as I was totally blowing the whole Arie thing out of proportion.  Thank you abc for tricking us, but I didn't fall for it.

(I give you a rose...make it two!)

Man, this far into the season and I'm still undecided as to who my top favorite guy is.  It's still a triple tie between Jef, Sean and Arie.  All have great qualities and there are things about each that I totally love.

Jef-Okay, Jef I totally loved your date with Emily.  I loved watching you and Emily play with the puppets.  I died laughing when you said "I like your nail polish."  You are just so funny and I think you and Emily would have a fun time together.  I see what she means when she says you would make a great dad because you act like a big kid yourself.  But, I can totally see that when the time comes you can be mature and serious.  I'm a fan.

Sean-I keep falling more in love with you.  Wow, pretty impressive that you "snuck" out to go find Emily after her date with Wolf.  I mean the kiss in the street was so hot.  Any girl would be luck to be on the other end of your lips!!  Haha.  I love how you swoop Emily up in your arms and make her feel protected, comforted and loved.  You're quickly becoming my number one...and you're from Dallas so how can I not like you!!!

Arie-I'm so glad you didn't have a scandalous relationship with the producer.  I would have been so disappointed because I really like you.  I loved your boat date with Emily watching the fireworks on the, so romantic!  Jef and Sean are coming up close man, you better step it up!

(Lonesome taxi ride home.  Bye-Bye!)

Doug-OMG, there are no words for how awkward you made me feel when you kissed Emily.  I can't even imagine how awkward it was for her.  Wow, that will go down  as one of the most uncomfortable kisses on Bachelorette history.  It is about time Emily finally sent you home.  I'm sorry Doug, but there was no connection between you and Emily.  I have no idea how you made it so long.  I hope you enjoyed seeing your son again.  Word of advice for the future, women like affection.  Hold her hand, put your arm around her, let her know you are into her...women love that.  Good luck finding your woman.

John-I'm sorry, but you did nothing for me this episode and I can totally see why Emily sent you home.  Like I told Doug, it's about time.  You were just too cocky in the end and it totally bit you in the hinny. I don't really know what else to say because I don't even know you...probably how Emily felt.  Good luck buddy. 

Chris-I used to like you Chris, but I totally think you are whinny and just plain annoying.  I mean all the other guys are in your situation and you don't see them crying because they got the group date.  Suck it up and enjoy your time with Emily.  I don't think you should have gotten a rose either, but I only think it's a matter of time before you are voted off.  Be a big boy and stop pouting.    

I am so excited about next week's episode.  Meeting the family is a big deal and you can totally find a lot about someone with how they act around their family, what their family says about them and just how their family is.  We've seen lots of crazy family's on the Bachelor/Bachelorette so I'm super pumped about these four guy's families.

p.s. Sean, while you are here in Dallas, feel free to stop by and say hi!  Mr. H and I would love to join you and Emily for a double date.  I'm just sayin'!


I'm liking up again with the lovely Meghan from More from Meg.  Check out all the chit cat about the latest episode of The Bachelorette!

Until next Monday!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

weddings, weddings and more weddings!

We have lots of friends getting married this year.  Two friends got married on last weekend and we were so blessed to witness this joyful union.  Not only is it fun to share in the couple's joyful day, it's also fun to celebrate with friends.

Some of our friends traveled from out of town and it was so good to spend the evening with them!  We got together for dinner before and then had a blast at the wedding.

Get ready for some awesome pics from our fun evening!!  Here are some posed ones we took before the dancing happened.  

Daniel and Alina make a beautiful couple don't they?!?!  And look how pretty their cake was.  I love the birch wood heart topper-too cute!  

We got a picture with the bride on the dance floor.  Her dress was so AMAZING and I love a sweetheart neckline.  

They had a photo booth at the reception.  Photo booths are so much fun.  It's a time to get your friends, a prop and get a little crazy!  I had a photo booth at my wedding and I loved looking at all the guests being silly!  It's so awesome!!  

The groom took some time to take a picture with Mr. H to make fun of his awesome accessories.  Gotta love their relationship.

Lindsey and Andrew are recently engaged and they will be getting married in November in DC.  I'm so excited to celebrate with them in a few months!  They are so awesome and I loved spending time with them while they were here for the wedding.  Y'alls day will be here before you know it!!  

Weddings are so much fun!  I love seeing two people become a new family and it's so much fun to be a part of such a special day!  After a fun night, I'm so blessed to have such amazing friends! 

So there you have it...this wedding was the highlight of our weekend.  Mr. H and I basically hung out the rest of the weekend, which is totally okay with me.  It went by fast and now it's time to start the week again.  

Happy MONDAY Friends!

Friday, June 22, 2012

fashion friday...block party

Another week has gone by and it's FRIDAY again!  Today we're talking about color blocking. It's totally all over the place right now in fashion, design and everything in between.  In fashion, I think there are great ways to pull it off, but then there are some crazy color blocking going on that I'm not a fan of.

This fashion trend is a little out of my comfort zone I think.  I like the subtle color blocking personally.  I was watching Bethenny Frankel's talk show the other day and she was wearing a cute color block dress.  You guys know I love me some Bethenny!  This is something I would totally wear.  It's not too overdone; and the orange necklace is perfect because it balances out the orange at the bottom of her dress and brings your eyes back up to her face.  Well done!


pretty pastels
Aren't these shoes fabulous?  I love all the color going on here.  I'm all about mint right now...who isn't??  I found this lace top at J. Crew and totally love it with the mint and yellow.  These might be my new favorite colors.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

bright floral
I put together this girly summer outfit.  Orange and blue are a great combo and I love this paired with this cute floral scarf.  I love how it ties it all together.  And I totally need those silver glitter flats!! 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

I'm linking up with the lovely {av} over at long distance loving for my Friday's Fancies.  Check out some of the other great outfits fellow bloggers have put together.  It's one of my favorite parts of the link up.

The time is here!  Alina and Daniel are getting married TONIGHT!  I am beyond excited for them and I pray the Lord will bless their marriage and they'll have a rich love for each other.  A few friends are coming from out of town and I'm so excited to celebrate their day!  Congrats you two!

Happy Weekend FRIENDS!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

how exciting!

This morning I got to spend time with my cousins who are in town.  My cousin Elisabeth is in Dallas for a modeling/talent expo.  She could become the next star ladies!  My sweet sister had us for brunch and some hang out time.  

Me, my cousin and my sister
My precious nephew.
He was cracking us all up!  He's got this new fake laugh that is the funnies thing ever.  I love watching him.  Kids are just so cute!

NOW...I can't tell you how excited I am to share with you my first blogging award!!!  Last week I was nominated for the Laine Blogger Award by the super sweet Taylor at CoverGirl + Converse.  Thank you so much girl!  I can't tell you how honored I am!

There were also a few questions included with this award, so here are my answers!

1. What is your current beauty obsession?
I've been obsessed with Bare Minerals original for so many years.  It's for sure something I can't live without!  I love it because it does such a good job of covering up and feels so amazing you're not even wearing makeup  
2. What is one beauty item you wished you owned?
I'm so boring when it comes to beauty supplies.  I've been using the same type of makeup for years.  I'm not very exciting when it comes to beauty items.  I guess I'd say some sort of mascara..maybe a lengthening one.  Real exciting, right!
3. What kind of posts are you favorite to read and write?
I love fashion posts!
4. What inspired you to become a blogger?
I just loved looking at other people's blogs.  I'm creative and thought it would be a fun outlet because I can create it however I want.  I also wanted to have a way to document my life with Mr. H.  I never knew that I would "meet" some amazing girls!
5. What color nail polish are you wearing right now?
I'm wearing New York Color's Greenwich Village.  I'm obsessed with this color.  I also love it that it's so cheap.

The bloggers I nominate for the Laine Blogger Award are:

Congrats deserve it!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

let's talk bachelorette

Where do I start???  Tonight was another interesting episode of the Bachelorette that ended in a surprising turn of events.  Lets just say I was not happy with how things ended.  I'll explain later.

Look at these hotties!  I mean seriously, they all look better in a skirt and knee high than I would.  Now that's just wrong.  Anyways, poor Chris gave it 110% but was absolutely terrible at all the events!  I'm glad Emily gave him the brave cup or whatever it was called.  He totally tried and did it all for her.  I actually like Chris and felt pretty bad that he lost at everything.  However, he's a buff guy, I kind of find it hard to believe he couldn't do anything athletic.  Could this have been an abc move?  Who knows.      

This week my feelings are growing stronger for Jef, Arie and Sean so I can only imagine how strong Emily's feelings are.  These guys are still my top favorites!!  I love their relationships with Emily and for sure see chemistry with all three.  

(I give you a rose!)

Jef-I agree with lots of others that you're on the younger side; HOWEVER, I think you're still so real and into Emily.  Plus you're for sure a cutie!  I did notice that you say, "I feel like..." a lot.  Anyone else notice this?  At the same time though, if you're going to tell me how you are feeling and it's good...I'd listen all day long.  

Sean-You grow on me each week.  I've got to say I'm falling for you too.  You were the best looking out of all the guys in kilts-I'm not gonna lie.  Plus I love the connection you and Emily share.  I think you would make a great husband to Emily.  And boy would guys have the most beautiful children!!

Arie-I've been a fan of you for a while and I think you totally stepped it up this week.  Arie, way to go  check on Emily to see how she's feeling after eliminating Looser Ryan!  Oh and btw, you are the first one of the guys to get into bed with Emily's!  Ha.  You should feel pretty lucky!!  That street kiss you gave Emily was so romantic too.  Way to go Arie.  

(Lonesome taxi ride home!)

One down...two more to go!  I totally thought all three were going home this week.  Little did we know what Emily had up her sleeve!  Pretty tricky Emily.

Ryan-FINALLY!!!!!!!!  It's been along time coming, but Emily finally came to her senses!!!  I was so furious at you after Emily told you she wasn't giving you a rose.  I mean you kept trying to manipulate her even after she told you no you kept trying to change her mind.  Give it up Ryan!  Emily will not be your trophy wife.  Take your trophy wife quality list and hit the road!

John-Ok John this is the first time we really see you show any emotion.  While I'm sorry for the loss of your grandparents, I really don't know what the point of you showing that to Emily.  I think you just wanted to shed a tear so she can see your "sensitive side."  I would have preferred it if Emily would have sent you home.  I don't see any connection between you and Emily and frankly she's much further along with other guys so I think you're bound to go home eventually.  However, from next week's preview, it looks like he steals a kiss from Emily.  Uggg.

Doug-There's something not right about you.  While you may seem "perfect" clearly somethings up.  What's with you always looking down when you talk to Emily?  Your conversation with Emily at the rose ceremony was pretty awkward.  She shouldn't have to take your arm and put it around her.  Come on Doug...don't you know how to treat a woman??  I'm sorry Doug, but it's only a matter of time before you're out of here.

I can't believe Emily kept both John and Doug at the rose ceremony!  I was totally shocked by her decision.  Whatever'll find out soon enough that Arie, Sean or Jef is the one for you.  Heck take all three!  :)

Why is it that this show is so addicting?  I'm always enticed to keep watching and always can't wait until the next episode!!

What do you think of Reality Steve or spoiler sites?  Do you like to know what's going to happen?  I can't stand finding out what will happen!!!!!!  I don't want to know ANYTHING!  I mean what's the point of watching if you already know what will happen.  That's no fun.

Until next Monday...

Monday, June 18, 2012

who wants cookies?

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend!  Mr. H and I had a wonderful weekend spending time together.

Friday night are usually always the same: pizza (out or in) and TV or a movie.  This Friday Mr. H rented This Means War with Reese Witherspoon.  I'd give this movie a two thumbs up.  We enjoyed the comedy and action.  My favorite scene was Reece dancing and signing in the kitchen.  She's just the cutest thing!

Saturday was a fun day.  Mr. H and I spend the entire day together.  I love days like that.  Mr. H ALWAYS wakes up before me and usually on the weekends he'll make me breakfast (if we don't go get brunch).  I woke up to Mr. H in the kitchen making me breakfast.  He's just the best!

I talked Mr. H into going to the mall!  He hates the mall so he went out of love.  It was a successful trip for us both.  Mr. H found a few things at J. Crew and I picked up a pair of white linen pants at Gap and a cute tunic from Forever 21.  I've always wanted a pair of white linen pants so when I saw them for only $16.99 I knew I had to have them!  What a steal, right!

Mr. H wanted to make us and my dad sugar cookies for Father's Day.  He's a great baker and has made these before.  I wanted him to make chocolate chip cookies, but he was determined to make what HE wanted.  Ha.  Whatever, there're clearly I'll eat them!!!  This recipe is from William Sonoma and they are outstanding!  They are soft sugar cookies-nothing better...well except chocolate chip.  

Sunday we celebrated Father's Day be going to church with my dad, sister and brother-in-law and then we had my dad over for lunch and cookies.  We played a few games of Mexican train and I totally dominated!

(I was soooooo bummed I forgot to get a picture with my dad on Father's Day!!!  Uggggg.)

I'm excited for this week.  My cousin and her daughter are coming to Dallas for a modeling expo and we'll get to see them once or twice.  Then it's my sister's birthday on Thursday.  Then we have a wedding to go to on Friday.  It's going to be a busy, fun week!

Guess what?  The wonderful Sheila over at The Failte House asked me to guest post about Love Languages.  Check it out.  Thanks Sheila for having me I'm so thrilled you asked me to be a guest blogger!

Happy Monday FRIENDS!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

my lil' sis is 25!

My sister Ashlin is 25 today!  Wow, it's hard to believe she's turned into such an amazing woman, mom and wife.  I'm so blessed to have a sister like her.  We've become great friends since we've gotten older and she's sometimes even more wise than me.  Ha.

I'm in awe of everything she does: two part time jobs, her own amazing party business (check it out here!!), a wife, a student, and a wonderful mom to my nephew, Bentley.  I'm so proud of everything you've accomplished Ashlin and admire you for where you are at today!

Love you lots sista!!
Happy 25th Birthday Ashlin!!

happy father's day!

My dad is someone I look up to for advice and is always there to listen.  We've had more of a friendship and I truly look up to him in many ways.  My dad is someone I could for sure not live without and I admire his positive attitude in all situations.  I'm so thankful to have you as my dad!

Last year I gained a father-in-law and he's such a wonderful family man.  He has a love for his kids that is amazing to see.  I hope Mr. H shares the same quality when we have children.  He's got a great example to look to for how to raise a family.  Thanks Big Mr. H for setting a wonderful example for my Mr. H!

Happy Father's Day to Steve and Dennis!!
Love y'all!

Friday, June 15, 2012

fashion friday...outfit crush

Happy FRIDAY!  I don't know about you, but I feel like these weeks just fly by.  I'm not complaining, I'm just saying!

You should know the drill by now, but it's time for my Fashion Friday!  This is totally my favorite post of the week.  I love fashion and I basically get to go "shopping" every week.  Don't worry Mr. H it's pretend shopping.

I've put together two outfit's I've been crushing on recently I found on Pinterest.  Now, I usually find cute outfits to pin, but never really go back to get inspiration or try to recreate the outfit.  So I finally decided to do this.  I need to actually put this into action in my real life wardrobe.  I've found some amazing outfits and inspiration.  If you want to check out my fashion board follow me on Pinterest!

classy date night
This is the cutest outfit ever!  Or maybe this wanna be Blake Lively just pulls it off really well.  I actually found a similar cream lace dress a few years go that was long sleeve and I wore it with tights for a Christmas party.  Then I wore it again earlier this year for Mr. H's birthday.  I thought I would put a spin on this outfit and go with a bold color instead of cream.  Check out this cute turquoise lace dress from H&M.  I paired it with nude and gold accessories.  This would be a great outfit for a date night or wedding.  I've got lots of weddings to go tot his year so I've got wedding (guest) dresses on the brain.


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

summer fun
This is such a fun outfit!  I'm obsessed with scalloped shorts and I love the polka dots paired with them too.  I found these cute scalloped shorts at J.Crew and fell in love instantly.  I paired them with a cute navy polka dot bustier with gold and tortoise shell accessories.  With summer here this is the perfect outfit to stay cool and still look fashionably fabulous!


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

I'm linking up with the lovely {av} over at long distance loving for my Friday's Fancies.  Check out some of the other great outfits fellow bloggers have put together.  It's one of my favorite parts of the link up.

Have YOU ever recreated an outfit you found on Pinterest?

Mr. H and I don't have many plans this weekend.  I LOVE not having a big agenda on the weekends.  Friday nights we always do pizza night and Mr. H downloaded This Means War.  I'm pretty excited to see this movie.  I've heard good things and how can you not love Reese Witherspoon??

We'll celebrate Father's Day with my dad and step-mom on Sunday.  We're pretty low key around here.  The plan is to go to church together and then have them over for lunch.  I'm just looking forward to hanging out with Mr. H and not doing a whole lot.  

What are YOUR plans this weekend?

p.s.  Anyone notice that I posted everyday this week?  Boy was I on it.  Ha.  Don't get used to it.  :)