Thursday, September 27, 2012

fashion friday...outfit crush

It's Friday again and I'm so happy!  I've been finding lots of amazing outfit inspiration on pinterest lately.  Today's Friday's Fancies is perfect because it's all about an outfit crush.  I have lots, but narrowed it down to two.  

beautifully bright
I'm so happy bright colors are sticking around for fall.  Hot pink is a favorite color of mine to wear and I love it paired with turquoise.  This is a super chic outfit for a causal outing with friends or a fun date night with the hubs.  

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

leopard lovin'
Okay, it's official...I need to get a button up leopard shirt.  I'm totally crushing on this outfit.  I love how it can be dressed up or down.  I've got an H&M shopping trip with a friend coming up and this will be a must buy for the fall! 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

I'm linking up with the lovely {av} over at long distance loving for my Friday's Fancies.  Check out some of the other great outfits fellow bloggers have put together.  It's one of my favorite parts of the link up.

Wish me luck as I head to College Station to experience a true A&M football game.  Mr. H is thrilled for me to finally attend a game and he's so excited to show me where he went to school.  It will be a walk down memory lane for him!  


a&m going to A&M

That's right, Anica and Michael (or a&m) will be headed to Texas A&M in College Station this weekend to attend a football game.  Mr. H, his dad and siblings all went to A&M.

Mr. H and I will be attending the game with the in laws.  They have season tickets and Mr. H is so excited to share this experience with me.  I have never been to College Station or seen a game.  I feel I'm in for a real surprise.  Ha.  I am not into sports at all, but I hear there's lots of fun entertainment and lots of excitement.

I was also told by Mr. H that Sunday will be Funday.  Haha.  I asked him why and he said that's the day he'll show me around College Station and take me to where he lived, hung out, ate, etc.  It's pretty cute how excited he is.

And I'll fit in really well because last fall I purchased my first A&M t-shirt.  It's a cute vintage tee.  No one will ever know I went to Baylor.  :)

Kyle Field here we come!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

food truck

Happy Monday.  Another weekend is over.  Mr. H and I had a VERY relaxing weekend.  It's one of the last ones we'll have for a long time.  It's about to get really busy people!!  

Have you ever been to a food truck?  I hadn't until last weekend.  Mr. H and I met up with some friends at a food park in Fort Worth.  It's such a cool idea.  It's like a food court, but out of trucks.  

Friends Mary (from Put a Ruffle On it!!!) and Melissa.

I got an amazing hamburger from Fred's Texas.  I got homemade guacamole on it.  Yummy!!

Mr. H got a grilled cheese with three pepper colby jack and BBQ pulled pork from Lee's Grilled Cheese.  It was delicious.  I of course had to take a bite (or two).  They also had grilled mac & cheese, that looked so yummy, but I neither one of us got it.  We'll have to try it next time!

If you don't know by now, I have a love for desserts!!!!  It's no surprise that I had to try a cupcake from the Red Jett Sweets truck.  I was so excited to try their new flavor for fall: Peter Pumpkin, but they sold out right before we walked up to the window.  Uggg.  

I settled for Nuts for Kentucky which was bourbon cake, carmel buttercream and rolled in candied pralines.  It was very yummy.  Mel was living on the edge and tried their other fall flavor: maple bacon.  Sounds kind of weird, right?

This was such a fun outing.  Mr. H and I will for sure be going back to try out other trucks.  It's a fun place for a casual date night or a fun evening with friends.  Maybe they'll have a pumpkin cupcake next time too.  

Have a very HAPPY Monday friends!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

fashion friday...polka dots and stripes

It's no secret that patterns are all the rage this fall and the top two I've seen are polka dots and stripes.  This can been seen in fashion to home decor and so much more! 

polka dot chic
If you don't know by now, pink is my favorite color.  I'm always drawn to clothes with pink.  I LOVE this pink and grey sweater.  It's perfect paired with jeans and flats or heels.  Then would wouldn't want that adorable pink purse!  It's to die for.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

stripe chic
What do you know...I created another outfit with pink!  I couldn't resist.  I love leggings in the fall.  I like to pair them with dresses and skirts.  This sweater would also be perfect paired with colored jeans or cords for a fun and casual look.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

I'm linking up with the lovely {av} over at long distance loving for my Friday's Fancies.  Check out some of the other great outfits fellow bloggers have put together.  It's one of my favorite parts of the link up.

I'm looking forward to a fun weekend with Mr. H!  We don't have much planned and we're going to take advantage of it because this fall is going to be VERY busy.  

Are YOU a fan of polka dots or stripes this fall?

What are YOUR plans this weekend?

Happy Friday/Weekend!

fall fashion or fall tv?

Okay, you know how much I love fashion!  While I love all the fashion fall brings, it's a toss up on what I'm more excited about: fall fashion or fall TV.

Right now, I'm super excited for the premiers to be starting next week.  I'm a huge TV junkie and according to Mr. H I have way to many shows.  I counted one time and I think it was well over 10 that I watch consistently.  Embarrassing I know!

I've been left in suspense since the spring and I cannot wait until next week to see how these shows turn out.  Grey's Anatomy left me with the biggest finale ever.  It was literally so emotional.  I can't wait to see how it turns out!!!


Modern Family is I think hands down mine and Mr. H's favorite show.  It's always hilarious and just makes me very happy.  This is comedy at it's greatest!!


I've been watching Private Practice since the beginning and I actually liked it better than Grey's.  However, after last season on Grey's they are drawing me back in.  I can't wait to see who Addison chooses.  And I'm sad though because she said on an interview over the summer (on Bethenny!!!) that this is her last season.  Uggg.


There was a time when I was going to stop watching Glee because some of the topics that were discussed; however, I kept coming back because of the amazing singing!  Those kids are extremely talented!  I LOVE almost every song they sing better than the original artist.  Now that's major talent.  


I was obsessed with Smash from the very beginning.  I'm so excited for season 2 to start.  The singing from this cast is amazing too.  Katharine McPhee is a brilliant singer and I love Debra Messing! 


Now there is one NEW show that Mr. H and I are excited to watch.  Nashville looks pretty good actually.  We both love Connie Britton who was in Friday Night Lights.  I think this show could be really good.  We'll give it a try for sure! 


What show are YOU most excited about this fall?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

designer dress anyone???

Ladies, I just got introduced to the most awesome website ever!  Rent the Runway is amazing and a genius idea.  I don't dress up that often and rarely need something very fancy.  Mr. H's company Christmas party is the only time I really get super fancy.  I don't like to spend lots of money on a dress I'll only maybe wear once or twice.  So, for me Rent the Runway is perfect.  

As you may know, I'm a planner!  To the max so I've already been scouting for the perfect party dress!  I was on the hunt for a gold sequin dress last year, but couldn't find one and settled for a black sequin dress.  So this year, I was determined to find a super cute gold party dress!!  I want to shine and shimmer.  
Rent the Runway has some amazing gold dresses and this one stuck out the most.  I love the simplicity and the v neck.  And BONUS for first time users, they offer $50 towards a purchase over $75 so it's such a steal!  I think I'm going to reserve it now so it won't be sold out.  This dress is marked as a "most popular."  Call me crazy, but I like to be prepared!!  Now I just have to figure out what accessories I'll wear.

What do you think? 

Have you ever rented from Rent the Runway?

Monday, September 17, 2012

happy birthday b!

We celebrated our nephew's 2nd birthday yesterday!  Or should I say my family celebrated while he took a nap.  Ha.  We all got together for lunch and it's right around his nap time.  He spent the first part of lunch crying because he was so tired...poor thing.  But after all, it's his birthday and he can cry if he wants to, right???  Soooo, since he was napping, the only pictures we got were of my family minus the birthday boy Bentley.  (so sad!)

My brother is moving back to Texas!!!  He spent two years in Colorado, but could hear Texas calling his name to come home.  This is the first picture we've had together since mine and Mr. H's wedding a year ago!  Crazy huh.

My brother's girlfriend came down from Colorado and we all got to meet her for the first time.  She was so sweet and fit it really well!  

Isn't Bentley's momma gorgeous?  My sister is the best momma to sweet B and my very special sister!  

My dad and Marcie came over to celebrate too so it was one big happy family event!  We had yummy BBQ and then played Mexican train.  Anytime we have a group together I always suggest Mexican's just so fun!

Mr. H and I happily married one year later!  I remember celebrating Bentley's one year birthday last year the day we got back from our honeymoon to the Bahamas.  Oh how I wish we just returned from a week vacation at the Bahamas!!!!

We had a fun weekend with family and friends and it's back to work again!  Good things always have to come to and end.  


Thursday, September 13, 2012

fashion friday...fall into fall

Here we are's FRIDAY!  Today is all about FALL.  While the cool weather has yet to come to Texas, I anticipate it's arrive.  Summer is my favorite time of year; however, there are things about fall that I love to wear.  Here's a list of some of my favorite fall must haves.  My favorites are boots and coats.  I'm a little obsessed with coats.  It's funny how I feel like I need a new one every year.  It's only really cold here like one month out of the year.

colored cords
I love how color is sticking around for the fall!  That's one thing I don't like about the fall is all the darker jewel tones.  This color combo was popular in the spring, but for a fall look I paired these cords with brown leather boots with matching accessories.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

sassy sweater
One of my absolute favorite looks for the fall is a long sweater dress paired with leggings.  Leggings are so comfy so I always find myself drawn towards them in the fall.  I love how easily they can be dressed up or down depending on the dress or shoe.  

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

wild about prints
I've always loved animal prints.  While I think it's acceptable year round, I personally think the best time to rock animal prints is in the fall.  There's something about it that screams fall to me.     

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

I'm linking up with the lovely {av} over at long distance loving for my Friday's Fancies.  Check out some of the other great outfits fellow bloggers have put together.  It's one of my favorite parts of the link up.

Oh how I'm wishing Mr. H and I were headed to the Mansion again this weekend.  We had such a fun time.  I can dream.  This weekend is already a busy one.  Don't you love it how you hope you'll have nothing to do, but it turns out to be super busy?  It's going to be fun, just packed with activities.

One very special activity will be celebrating our nephew's 2nd birthday!  Mr. Bentley turns 2 years old on Sunday.  He's our only nephew and I'm obsessed with him.  We're having a family get together on his birthday to celebrate and then his party is the following weekend.  Mr. Bentley, you sure are loved by so many people!  

Have a very happy Friday and a super awesome Weekend!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

one year down...

Mr. H and I had a wonderful anniversary.  Our actually anniversary was yesterday, but we started the celebration on Sunday.  Who wouldn't want to celebrate for two days!!

We checked in to the hotel we stayed on our wedding night.  Rosewood Mansion at Turtle Creek is by far the most luxurious hotel ever!  Everyone greeted us by name and their attention to detail is beyond what I could have ever imagined.  They think of everything!  

We checked in at 3:00 sharp to take advantage of the entire experience.  Upon arriving to our room, a few moments later we were welcomed with iced tea (which was amazing!!) and chocolate covered strawberries.  What a great way to start our anniversary!!  

Mr. H and I lounged, watched TV and played a game or two of skip bo.  Our dinner reservations weren't until 6:30 so we had some time to just enjoy our room. 

I didn't want to risk saving the top of our wedding cake it and it tasting gross.  So instead, I had a mini cake made.  Christie McCabe with Daily Dose of Sweet did all of our goodies on our dessert table for our wedding so I asked her if she would make us a cake for our one year anniversary.  

She is so creative and has such an attention to detail.  I couldn't be happier with how our cake turned out.  I love the simplicity and the elegant flower.  Can you believe she made the flower out of frosting???  It looks real and so delicate.  Thanks Christie for yet again surpassing my expectations!!  

Mr. H and I got dressed up to head to the restaurant at the Mansion.  I love getting dressed up for special's so fun.  Doesn't Mr. H look so handsome!?!?!  I'm a lucky girl. 

To give you an example of how detail oriented the Mansion is...our waitress told us that we were originally assigned to table #31, but since we were celebrating our one year anniversary they moved us to table #1.  We thought that was so cute.  It was a quaint and cozy little booth. 

After a wonderful dinner, we enjoyed our delicious anniversary cake.  I was so sad to cut into it.  It was just too cute to eat!

For our anniversary morning, Mr. H ordered us room service.  It sure feels good to be spoiled!  A yummy breakfast, fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh doesn't get any better than that.  


Okay, I've been pretty excited about my gift to Mr. H for over a year!  That's right, I've been thinking about this for well over a year now.  I was originally going to give it to him for a wedding gift, but thought I'd wait to use a wedding picture.  Also, we decided to exchange traditional anniversary gifts and paper is the gift for year one.  

I found my inspiration through etsy.  I'm a crafty girl so I figured, I can make that...and for way cheaper.  You might be wondering what it you can see the picture I used on the right, which is glued to the back, and then I used extra wedding invitations.  I cut the picture and invitations up using a heart stencil.  Then arranged them in this white shadow box.  I wanted to crease all the hearts so they looked like they were floating, but our invitation was too thick where it had a bad crease line.  I only ended up folding the picture hearts, which I think looks fine.  This gift was obviously to Mr. H, but I wanted it just as bad.      

I also wanted to make him a book of everything we've done this last year.  I think I'll do this every year as a great way to document our life together.  It was so fun to look back over the year and reminisce about the special times we had together.   

Mr. H gave me a very special gift.  His grandfather performed the ceremony at our wedding.  He's married his three kids and all his grandkids that are married.  We jumped at the opportunity to ask him to marry us too!  He even used the same vows that Mr. H's parents used.  

Mr. H asked him for a copy of the ceremony for us to have.  I LOVE this gift and it will be so special for us to have to look back upon and then show our kids someday.  Like I mentioned yesterday, I'm in the process of creating a wedding book with all of our wedding pictures and now I'll include our wedding ceremony in it as well.  

Wow, a year down!  I can without a doubt say this last year with Mr. H has been the best year of my life.  It's been a joy to walk along side him as we grow together in the Lord.  We owe it all to Him for our success as a couple.  We are beyond blessed to have the love and support of our family.  I look forward to year #2 and all that it will bring.  

I love you so much Mr. H!  Here's to another amazing year together.  Xoxoxo!!!!!!