Thursday, July 26, 2012

simply lovely series {part 3}

Here we are on {part 3} of my simply lovely blog series.  As promised, I've got a fun Q&A for you about marriage.  I'll be doing a few of these over the course of the series.  I'll be asking the same questions to each person so it will be interesting to see how the answers differ.  Each couple will also have been married for a different period of time so it will also be interesting to see the difference.  

How long have you been married?
17 years

What is an activity that you and your spouse enjoy doing together?
Activity?!  Hmmm….Oh yes, those fun things that we get to do when we are not playing taxi drivers for our children.  NAP!  Ha, just kidding.  We enjoy watching movies, working in the yard, cooking and playing games.  Our favorite games to play are Mexican train and yahtzee.  

What is one thing your spouse does that makes you smile or laugh?
He has a great sense of humor…most of what he does makes me laugh or just shake my head.  We joke and say that he is one very large middle school boy.   He makes up funny voices for our 3 dogs.  He pretends like they are talking to each other or us…they have accents and everything.  Too funny! 

What is one thing your spouse does that makes you roll your eyes?
Along with making up voices for the dogs, he occasionally wants to make up songs that he also proceeds to sing.  They usually have the basic same tune of “O Christmas tree” but they are terrible!!  He enjoys embarrassing me in public by singing them or walking in a weird way.  I tend to get “lost” when we are in stores.  

Describe your spouse in 5 words.
Christ-seeking, discerning, funny, social and a leader

What advice do you have for newlyweds?
Keep Christ at the center of your marriage covenant.  Pray and worship together.  Don’t “shelve” your single friends, but monitor their feelings about marriage. When there are tough times and you get upset with your spouse (yes, it will happen!), you need a friend who will listen that has the same ideas of a marriage covenant as you do.  Godly couple friends and a mentor are wonderful to have.  Also, be careful not to criticize your spouse to others—it can create a huge wedge of distrust.  

Is there anything from your first year of marriage that really stands out that you'll never forget?
We were both very selfish and often thought of only our own families and traditions.  This was and still can be difficult around the holidays.  We wanted to hang on to the way things were growing up and didn’t really follow the scripture about clinging to each other as one instead of our parents.  We had to come to the realization that we are our own family with new traditions and figured out a way to blend them.  We needed to consider each other’s histories and not just our own. 

Money is another big one, we thought it was a good idea to have separate accounts and split bills.  Wrong!  It may work for some but I found that it only divided us.  It is God’s money that He has entrusted to us and we work together on how to spend it and to tithe.  It doesn’t matter who makes more, we are a team.  

What is one thing you wish you would have been told before you got married?
I wish that I had been told that men smell bad and mess up the covers on the bed.  No, seriously….I wish that I would have known that just because he is grumbling and mad does not mean that he is mad at me.  I took so many things personally when he was just mad and that it had nothing to do with me. 

Thanks so much Christy for your awesome answers!  I totally agree with you about your advice for newlyweds.  You and Dennis are truly a couple Mr. H and I look up to in so many ways; however, the one thing we see in both of you is your love for the Lord.  Elisabeth and Garret are so lucky to have parents who's foundation is in Christ and who set a great example.  Love y'all!  p.s. I'm excited you'll be coming to town tomorrow and looking forward to seeing you this weekend!!!

I hope you enjoyed this fun Q&A.   On a another note....tomorrow's my BIRTHDAY!!  I'm so excited because I took the day off of work and I'll be spending the afternoon with my mom.  Then Mr. H will be taking me out to dinner at a fancy restaurant.  I've got several gifts waiting for me, but I'm going to open them tomorrow.  It's like Christmas!!  :)


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