Thursday, October 25, 2012

fashion's party time

Happy 100th birthday Friday's Fancies!  I've put together two party outfits to celebrate the occasion.

leopard chic
I know this dress is pretty bold, but I think it's super fun!  I paired it with classic accessories to make it elegant and chic.  

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little black dress
I took the little back dress and went fun and funky.  If you don't know already I love the color combo black and hot pink-what girl doesn't right?.  I paired this dress with a multi-colored glitter clutch that I'm dying to own.  I would totally wear this to a fun party or dressy occasion...New Year's Eve maybe?? 

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Let me say I'm sorry for the lack of blog posts recently.  I've gotten really busy lately then Mr. H and I got a terrible stomach bug this week.  It's not been good!  I'm so happy it's Friday, but I'll be working most of the weekend.  I get to photograph three awesome families.

I do have a few exciting announcements to share AND I still need to show you my new brown boots.  I haven't taken them out of the box since I bought them two weeks ago.  Ha.  I am still trying to decide if I want to keep them.  Have a fun weekend and let's party!


Monday, October 22, 2012

happy birthday dad!!

It's Monday it me or do the weekends go by extremely fast?!?!?!?  Mr. H and I love the weekends.  We usually have lots of time to spend together.

Friday night in our family is pizza night.  I think if it's not your tradition too-it should be!  It's awesome. We mix it up every weekend: sometimes it's take out, sometimes we go out and other times we'll get a frozen pizza.  Friday night we went to one of our favorite pizza places, Grimaldi's.  It's so yummy.  Fire brick oven pizza is the best.  It was a cool evening so we thought we'd go and sit outside...well everyone else had the same idea.  So unfortunately, we had to sit inside.  When the pizza this good, who cares where you sit, right!

On the way home, Mr. H took a little detour to Sonic.  I was thrilled he thought of stopping to get a yummy MINI Sonic blast.  It's a idea I would have had for sure, but didn't know if he'd be up for it.  Well surprise...he was!  It was a fun date night together!

Saturday night my family got together to celebrate my dad's birthday (which is actually TODAY).  Now that my brother moved back home, it's fun to all be together.  My grandpa even came in town for my dad's birthday.  

I'm so lucky to have all my immediate family close by.  It makes these sort of celebrations so much more fun when we can all be together to celebrate.  

Dad, thanks for being such a big part of my life.  We're so lucky to have a wonderful dad who cares so much about us.  Your positive attitude about all situations is contagious and I am thankful to have you as an example.  I'm so happy to have you as my dad.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!  I love you!

Happy Monday!!


Friday, October 19, 2012

fashion friday...costume prep

It's FRIDAY!  I know what you're's not Halloween yet.  Of course I know that; however, I thought I'd share with you some Halloween inspiration since it's just around the corner.  

I've actually never been much into celebrating Halloween.  As a kid, my family would go to a church carnival type of event.  It was fun and honestly all I cared about was the candy.  Ha.  To this day that's the best part for me.  For me, I'd rather skip Halloween and go straight to Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!  

Sassy Cat Woman
In the even I would go to a Costume Party, I would totally love to be CAT WOMAN.  I mean who wouldn't want to at some point.  If I felt I could rock these faux leather leggings, I'd totally be Cat woman just because!    

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Chic Black and Orange
If you aren't into dressing up for Halloween (like me), you can still dress for the occasion in black and orange.  Black and orange can be a scary combination any other time of year because you'll instantly think of it's the perfect time of year to be bold.  Then after Halloween you can wear this outfit with different pants/earrings.      

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I'm linking up with the lovely {av} over at long distance loving for my Friday's Fancies.  Check out some of the other great outfits fellow bloggers have put together.  It's one of my favorite parts of the link up.

If you'll be dressing up for Halloween, what will YOU be?

Monday, October 15, 2012

a little r&r

Lake weekends are truly the best!  Mr. H and I took a friend to the lake and had such a fun and restful time.  Sometimes after being so busy it's nice to get away from it and be still.

While I did have to edit pictures most of Saturday I still had a great time.  It's just what I needed.  I have been getting stressed with's our busy time of year so it's normal. 

Here's a little recap of what we did...
  • -slept in (at least I did.  Mr. H wakes up at before 7 am most mornings!!)
  • -ate yummy food
  • -played skip bo
  • -cooked out
  • -made s'mores
  • -sat outside
  • -went out to breakfast
  • -made homemade vanilla ice cream
  • -lounged inside
  • -enjoyed the view
  • -had fun with Mr. H, our friend Mel and Mr.H's brother and his girlfriend

We're so blessed to be able to drive 3.5 hours to escape at the lake house and enjoy time with family and friends.  I'm going to try to hold onto this idea of being relaxed so I don't stress myself out.  

I hope YOU had a relaxing weekend too!

p.s. I never showed you my purchases from last weekend.  I still want to show you my great deals and my new brown boots to see if you approve.


Friday, October 12, 2012

fashion friday...leaf love

It's been another LONG week.  I'm soooooo happy to have Mr. H home with me this week!!!!!!!!  I wish it hasn't been such a busy week though because I don't feel like we've had too much us time.

This week, Friday's Fancies is all about dressing in fall leaf colors.  I typically like brighter colors so this was a little challenging for me; however, I still managed to put together two fun outfits in fall leaf colors.

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1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

I'm linking up with the lovely {av} over at long distance loving for my Friday's Fancies.  Check out some of the other great outfits fellow bloggers have put together.  It's one of my favorite parts of the link up.

Are YOU loving leaf colors this fall?

Mr. H and I are headed to the lake for the weekend with our friend Mel.  I wish I could say I'm off to the lake for a relaxing weekend, but I'll actually be editing pictures most of it.  At least I'll be in a peaceful place.  Hopefully it will be a little chilly so we can sit outside by the fire pit and make s'mores.  Yummy!  It will still be a fun time...can't wait!

What are YOUR plans this weekend?  

Thursday, October 11, 2012

i got...

BANGS!  I only had bangs one other time, but didn't wear them right so they looked terrible.  I was determined to try them again and I thought the fall would be the perfect time.  I found several awesome bangs on pinterest and loved the look.

Check out my inspiration pictures: here and here, which I found on pinterest!  It was a little risky, but I'm really happy with how they turned out.  It's for sure going to take some getting used to...for me and also Mr. H.  Now I just hope I can style them as cute as they did at the salon.     

What do YOU think?

Monday, October 8, 2012

it's FALL!

It's been in the 50's the last two days!  It's crazy because just the other day it was 80.  I've been trying to keep myself very busy these last few days since Mr. H is gone.  It is very lonely having him gone, but I have sweet friends who have kept me company.  

I found this amazing Chicken Taco Chili recipe pinterest (where else!) and it's sooooo YUMMY!!!  Fall is the perfect time to stay inside, get cozy and have a big bowl of chili.  

I've been been dying to eat some pumpkin bread recently so my friend and I decided to bake a few loaves.  I've never made pumpkin bread before...I've only eaten it!  I found a very easy Pumpkin Bread recipe online.  It turned out so good and very moist (sorry for those of you who don't like that word).  I wish I had some whipped cream to go on top.  Mr. H has such a domestic wife and he isn't even here to enjoy it.  He better hurry back so he can have some before I eat it all.

Now that it's chilly outside, it's time to break out the sweaters, long pants and boots.  I went in my closet and HATE everything I own.  Ever feel like that???  I was desperate need of a few fall items.  My friend and I planned a fun shopping spree.  I got lots of great things AND a pair of brown boots.  I'm still deciding on them though.  I'll show off the great deals I got later this week.  

It was a good, fun weekend, but I'm SOOOOOO ready for today because Mr. H comes home to me tonight!!!!!  It's been a very long last five days.  I sure miss this guy!  He's totally my other half and without him home I totally don't feel the same.  Mr. H get home to me safe and sound.  I can't wait to kiss!!!  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

fashion friday...marvelous monotone

It's FINALLY Friday!!!  I have no idea why, but this week has been the longest week for me.  And on top of that...Mr. H left early yesterday morning for five days.  He's in Canada with his brother and dad hunting.  While I'm excited for him to have time away and to build memories with his family, I'm super sad he's gone.  It's going to be a long few days without him.  I don't like it when my best friend is gone.  Anyways...

Today's Friday's Fancies is all about being monotone.  Don't worry, monotone doesn't have to be boring.  I put together a few outfits I'd totally wear.  

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

I'm linking up with the lovely {av} over at long distance loving for my Friday's Fancies.  Check out some of the other great outfits fellow bloggers have put together.  It's one of my favorite parts of the link up.

I want to give a birthday shout out to my sweet friend Lauren!  We get to have lunch to celebrate her birthday today.  I'm so excited!  And get this...her husband is planning a weekend birthday surprise.  I'm almost as excited as she is.  Happy Birthday Lauren!!  So blessed to have you in my life.

While I'm super bummed I won't be hanging out with Mr. H this weekend, I'll be busing taking pictures  AND I will be shopping with a friend on Saturday.  I can't WAIT to pick up some new fall clothes!!!!

What do YOU think of the new monotone trend?

What are YOUR weekend plans?

How do YOU keep busy with your significant other is gone?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

brown boots, brown boots!

It's finally beginning to feel like fall around here!  That's totally a good thing because I'm ready to wear boots.  But FIRST, I need to buy a pair.  I'm on the hunt for a pair of brown boots.  The Steve Madden ones I got last year are all scuffed up so it's time to invest in a new pair.   

J. Crew / Mia / Bandolino / Chinese Laundry

I want a pair that you won't see on everyone!  I'm trying to decide if I want a riding boot style or not.  I'm headed on a shopping spree with a friend this weekend so I hope I find a pair.  Hopefully it's love at first sight. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Mr. H's stomping grounds...

Wow...weekends sure go by fast!! Especially when you travel somewhere, man it just flies by.  So this weekend we headed south to College Station.  Mr. H's parents have season tickets to the Texas A&M football games and we went with them this year.  It's actually the first time Mr. H had been back in over  3 years and my first time EVER!  I'm a Baylor girl.  

It was a very dreary, rainy day for the game, but it sure didn't stop the fans from coming!  I knew I needed to capture a cute picture of us right away before my hair 'grew' from the humidity...which it totally did!!!

We were super lucky to get to SIT in the COVERED section.  I don't think I could have lasted the entire game standing, much less in the sprinkling rain. 

A&M is all about traditions and it sure was entertaining to watch.  At the very beginning of the game, everyone stands and sings their song.  Then about halfway through, Mr. H leans over to me and says 'it's about to get really awkward for you!!'  I start to get nervous and then all of a sudden Mr. H and a stranger next to me put their arms around me and we start to sway back and forth.  It totally took me by surprise, but it could have been worse.  It happened about two or three other times before the game was officially over.  I was a trooper and totally participated; however I don't know the words so I just stood there.    

Mr. H with his wonderful parents.  It's so cool how it's been a family tradition to not only attend A&M, but to attend as many games as possible.  

My favorite part of the game was watching the famous A&M band during half time.  Their synchronization is amazing and it's so cool to watch them do different transformations.  I loved this big 'T' for Texas.  They walked the entire field one way, and then turned around and walked the other way.  It's incredible talent and they sounded awesome too! 

 By this time I had major wavy, big hair.  I pulled it to one side so it's a little deceiving.  I could feel it 'grow' as the game went on. 

 The Aggies played an incredible game and won 58 to 10.  I like to think I was a little good luck charm.

After the game, we headed to a BBQ hosted by a college buddy of big Mr. H's.  I was telling Mr. H how cool it is that his dad is still friends with is college friends and sees them when he comes to the games.  

On Sunday Funday, Mr. H drove me around town showing me a few places.  The first stop we made was to his apartment he spend 3 years at.  Not too shabby for a college apartment.  I guarantee it's way nicer than mine was!  He also took me around campus and we saw the bonfire memorial.  It was raining out so we just looked from a distance.  Next time we go, I'd like to walk around.

Mr. H was so excited to take me to Aggieland finally and I'm so glad the opportunity came up.  We loved spending the weekend hanging out with his parents and also his dad's college friends.  One of big Mr. H's college buddy and his wife hosted Mr. H and I.  They were so sweet to open up their home to us!  It was a fun little trip and I know Mr. H can't wait to make another trip soon.  He even said he can't wait for our future kids to attend A&M too.  I guess it runs in the H family!!  

Hope you had a great weekend too!