Monday, April 30, 2012

it was a busy, exciting weekend!

The weekend is over and it's Monday again.  I feel like I need another day or two to recover from our busy weekend.  Don't get me wrong, it was fun, but Mr. H and I need time at home on the weekend to lounge and we had no time for that this weekend!

Let me tell you about my weekend...

Friday night I met a sweet friend, Lauren, from our new Bible study group.  We met up for dinner and a movie.  She's a newlywed too so we had a lot to chat about.  We saw The Lucky One and it was much better than I anticipated it would be.  Nicholas Sparks sure know how to make women fall in love with his novels/movies.

Saturday was a very exciting day for our family!  Mr. H and I were at Target shopping for a shower gift when we received a call from my sister-in-law telling us that their parents were in town and we should head over to their hotel right away.  Mr. H and I immediately started coming up with ideas on why their parents were here and we decided that she had to be engaged.  We get to their hotel within the next thirty minutes and saw them all in the lobby.  She had her hands behind her back and said, "I have something to tell y'all..." then she put her hand out and said "I'm engaged!!!!!"  We all knew it was coming, and were all so thrilled and excited for both of them!  They are such a wonderful couple and compliment each other nicely.  I'm so excited for what this year of engagement will bring.  Congrats Sarabeth and Hatch!!

SB and I already have girl's night planned this Saturday to watch Bethenny Ever After and try her Skinny Girl Margarita for the first time.  And you KNOW we'll be talking wedding stuff and looking at wedding magazines!  I can't wait.  It brings me back to when Mr. H and I got engaged.  What exciting times for sure!

That was only mid-afternoon.  Remember how I said we were at Target shopping for a shower gift.  We had a couple's shower that evening for two of our friends getting married in a month.  I forgot to get a picture with them...oops.

Sunday was filled with another busy day.  We have lots of friends getting married and have recently met new friends who are about to have babies.  I had a baby shower to attend Sunday morning, which was so fun.  The food was amazing and we painted onesies with fabric markers.  What a cute idea, right?

Here are some sweet girls from our new Bible study group.  The men were left at home while the ladies talked, ate and crafted.  

Mr. H and I had a fun filled weekend!!  I am sad it's over, but am looking forward to starting the week so next week will come :)

Today will be a great day!  I hope you had a super weekend too!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!!! Congrats to Sarabeth and Hatch!! :)

  2. Your weekend looks like it was a ton of fun! Congrats to your sister-in-law and future brother-in-law!

  3. sounds like the perfect weekend! and seriously, isn't nicholas sparks genius? it's kind of ridiculous how much i always love all of his characters!
    xo TJ

  4. Sounds like a awesome weekend (: I wish too I had another day to deal with this past weekend!

  5. Looks like it was an amazing weekend!! And congrats to your friend ;)

  6. Aww, congrats to your SIL! How exciting :)

    Skinny Girl Margarita is one of my absolute favorite summer drinks, minus the guilt and the calories! Try it with a slice of lime. Yum. Let us know how you like it!


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