Thursday, August 2, 2012

obsessed with bethenny's fashion

If you don't know by now, I'm a huge Bethenny fan.  She's just so funny and I'm obsessed with her talk show.  It only ran for 6 weeks this summer, but she already stated that she'll be back.  I can't wait until then!  I seriously watched every episode...pretty ridiculous!  HA.

It's not your typical talk show and I like that!  I love the variety on her show: celebrity/reality guests, panels about various topics, ask Bethenny with the audience, plus lots more fun segments.

Okay, I've loved basically EVERY outfit she worn on the show.  Whoever is styling her is doing a fabulous job.  I wish I could have all her outfits.  My favorite so far was the all white with the hot pink blazer and turquoise earrings.  And can I just say that Bethenny is crazy thin!  So jealous.

If you haven't checked out her talk show yet, you TOTALLY need to give it a try when it comes back on.  I know you'll be hooked! 


  1. Wow - she really does have great fashion sense! Love all her clothes...

  2. oh gosh, bethanny was always my favorite on the real housewives of new york. she was the only sane one, tat's for sure!
    she is so adorable and so so skinny. loving all of her fashion in these!
    xo TJ

  3. Omg! I love her too and I hate I wasn't able to watch her show. She is awesome!

  4. I wanted to watch her show SO bad when it was on, but completely forgot! I wonder when it's coming back...guess I have to look it up!!

    All of her outfits are SO awesome! If only I could afford someone to dress me every morning ;)


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