Tuesday, August 7, 2012

let's talk bachelor pad

That's right...I'm not only a fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, but also the Bachelor Pad!  How can you not like this show?  It's like watching a train wreck every week.  Ha.

What an interesting obstacle course.  If you're going to get messy in something it might as well be ice cream and sundae toppings!  

I personally think Michael should have one over Dave, but whatever.

Here's the love triangle of the house: Jessica, Chris and Blakeley.  Here's a tip to Jessica and Blakelely...RUN!

Jessica-All I can think about when I see you is how awkward you were on Ben's season when you described how your first kiss would happen.  That's just not cool.  I hope you learned your lesson.  And just a tip, I don't think Chris is really that into you.  

Chris-Wow!  If the Bachelor Pad came on before the Bachelorette, I think Emily would have eliminated you on the first night.  It's safe to say Chris that you are NOT ready for a committed relationship.  

Blakeley-I don't mean this to sound bad, but I wish you were voted off last night.  You are a little annoying to me.  I mean you are 34 and you act like you are 16.  

Lindzi-Lindzi, Lindzi...what are you thinking getting cozy with Kalon.  He is NOT a good guy.  You are WAY to sweet to be liking someone like him.  He's just full of himself an I hate to see such a sweet girl fall for a looser like Kalon.  I warned you!

Kalon-Stay away from Lindzi, she's too good for you.  Enough said!

Rachel-Congrats on winning the obstacle course.  And even bigger congrats for getting Michael to fall for you!  Well done!!!!!!  

Michael-Thank you for coming back on the show Michael.  You are still my favorite and I hope you win again...maybe even find the girl of your dreams (Rachel if that's who you choose.)  Not only are you super cute, but you are sooooo funny.  I laugh every time you talk.  Ha.  

Reid-I can't believe you got yourself kicked off!  Uggg.  I really liked you.  I know you hated Ed...who doesn't, but you should have been a little smarter in the game.  I'm so sad you won't be bringing a smile to my face next week, but I'll be thinking of you the whole time.  I hope you find the girl of your dreams.  

Ed-OMG, you are so crazy.  I wish you would have been voted off instead of my dear friend Reid!  Jillian was SOOOOOOO smart to call off the engagement.  You are still a collage frat boy who wants to drink and hook up with girls.  That is not husband material.  Two weeks in a row you were on the chopping block.  Hopefully third times the charm.  

I'm liking up with the lovely Meghan from More from Meg.  She brought us the wonderful Bachelorette link up and now she's talking about the crazy Bachelor Pad. Check out all the chit cat about the latest episode of the Bachelor Pad!

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  1. Hey girl - I love your post, thanks for linking up with us :) I'm so glad that Reid went home, he definitely deserved it after the stunt he tried to pull with Ed! HAHA Karma bit him in the butt!


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