Wednesday, August 29, 2012

i need some dress preservation

Okay ladies, for those of you who are married, what have you done with your wedding dress?  Is it still hanging in a closet, did you get it preserved or something else?  Almost a year later, I'm trying to decide what to do with my dress before it's too late.

I am starting to research how much it cost and I had no idea it was so expensive.  The place I found has great reviews, but I was given a $350-$375 estimate.  Is that too expensive?  I have no idea.

I also hate to just put it in a box forever, it's just too pretty.  Let me know what you've done.  I'm curious to know what others do with their dress.


  1. I would do a photo shoot with that dress :) Have you ever thought of selling it online? Or maybe taking the material and making it into your 1st babies christianing clothes...such random ideas ;) Or saving it :)

  2. I haven't done it yet but I really want to shorten my dress to cocktail length and dye it another color so I can wear it again :)


  3. Such a pretty dress...I agree with Sharon - that's exactly what I was going to suggest! Turning into a shorter dress would be ideal, it's got the perfect shape for that. :)

  4. Oh! A pretty wedding dresses and I this was my ideal wedding dress someday. I love the structure shape and the ambiance of this dress. Thanks for sharing; wishing that this was my wedding dress someday.


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