Monday, August 13, 2012

do you watch dallas?

Where do the weekends go?  Seriously, I feel like I blink and then it's Monday morning again.  Why can't the weekends go by as slow as the weeks go?  

Mr. H and I got hooked on the new show Dallas when it came back again.  Neither of us had ever watched the original, but thought we would give it a change seeing that we live in Dallas.  We actually both really got into it.  It's nice finding a show we both enjoy watching.  Usually I make Mr. H watch my girly shows.
Friday night is our usual pizza night and I picked up a Papa Murphy's pizza to bake at home...delicious!!  I had DVRed a bunch of Dallas episodes from the following week when they were playing a marathon leading up to the finale.  We ended up watching five episodes!!!  That's right, we had an extremely lazy Friday, but totally enjoyed it.  It was actually nice to watch them all together because then we didn't have to wait to see what happened.  Now we have to wait until January to watch it again.   

I'm so lucky to have friendships that have lasted for over 20 years!  These two girls have been lifelong friends and it was so wonderful to have brunch together with baby Neal.  Michelle (left) lives close by, but with our busy schedules we don't get to see each other very often.  Valerie (middle) is a world traveler and is in DC now while her husband is training; and then in November they are headed to Niger, Africa.  Whenever we get together, it's like time hasn't even passed.  Love you girls! 

Saturday night Mr. H and I went to an Texas Ranger's themed engagement party honoring Rachael and Daniel!  These two got engaged a few weeks ago and will be getting married in November.  Rachael is a dear friend and I couldn't be happier for her!  I'm also super excited because I'll be taking her bridals in a few months.  She's going to be one beautiful bride. 

The newlyweds Laura and Chris along with Mr. H and I  pose for a picture.  We felt awkward with the mailbox in the middle, but I wanted to get the TX Rangers balloons in it.  

These boys were all in a Bible study together and are still all great friends.  We had a great time and it was wonderful celebrating with them!  I can't wait until November and I KNOW they can't wait either!!!


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  1. I don't watch Dallas, but I might have to check it out!! Looks like a fun weekend!!! :)


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