Tuesday, August 28, 2012

let's talk bachelor pad

Ever since last week, I'm over Bachelor Pad...yet I'm still watching.  I just don't really like anyone left.  They are all annoying.  I'm disappointed in the selection that is left and I could careless who wins as long as Chris doesn't win.

Here's my take on the couples/partnerships:
Chris and Sarah- I still can't believe they got saved last week.  And then this week they win the spelling bee challenge...wow.  Talk about lucky.  It's so funny to me that Chris still talks about how the break up with Emily is still hard on him, yet he's hooked up with half the girls on Bachelor Pad.  Keep telling yourself that Chris.  

Tony and Blakely- Talk about the most unlikely couple in the house.  Tony, you seem way to sweet of a guy to be with Blakeley.  Blakely, if you don't make enough as a "VIP waitress" to afford cable then I'd suggest getting a different job.  It's just a suggestion.  I'd bet money this couple doesn't last past the show...if that.

Nick and Rachel- Nick, what are you still doing here?  You are one lucky guy.  I feel sorry for Rachel for having to be your partner.  You almost caused the house to vote y'all off.  Nick, I'm totally wishing Michael was in your place because he should still be in the game for sure!  I'm glad you stuck it out Rachel.  Hopefully you can win this game.  You are by far my favorite one left.  Hang in there girl.    

Ed and Jaclyn- What in the world is going on with you two?  Ed, you are a sleaze ball and Jaclyn I can't believe you are going to continue going along with this.  I felt sorry for you for like half a second and then ven when you found out he was seeing someone back home you still act like you are a "couple." Whatever, I guess you are just meant for each other then.  

Kalon and Lindzi- I guess I'm happy y'all found love.  The only one playing the game in this partnership was Kalon.  Lindzi, I think we heard you say maybe five words the entire time you were on the show.  You are lucky you were partnered with Kalon or you would have been kicked off much earlier.  I hear you two are still together so I'm happy about that.  Everyone deserves log.  

I'm liking up with the lovely girls Meghan from More from Meg AND Alisa from All Things Alisa.  They brought us the wonderful Bachelorette link up and now they're talking about the crazy Bachelor Pad. Check out all the chit cat about the latest episode of the Bachelor Pad!

Here's to another crazy episode of Bachelor Pad...until next Monday!


  1. HAHA - I totally agree! I feel like I didn't know anything about Lindzi!! Thanks for linking up this week girl!

  2. I'm a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan but never really tune into Bachelor Pad...now i'm wishing i had!! haha. xx

  3. If I HAD to choose a couple to win, it would be Michael and Rachel. Ohhh wait. Nevermind, none of these dummies should win.

    Chris- the biggest DOUCHEBAG ever. I completely agree with you about him STILL talking about Emily, yet being a complete sleezeball for hooking up with 3 women. GET A LIFE.

    Sarah- Boring. She's all talk.

    Tony- I find it interesting that he said being on The Bachelorette was REALLY hard for him because of his son, yet he goes on Bachelor Pad and leaves his son ONCE again.

    Blakeley- Can't stand her. Her mouth needs to be surgically taped shut.

    Nick- WHO IS THAT GUY?? ;)

    Rachel- I think she's the only girl that I liked on the show. Sad that Michael had to leave..because I was totally rooting for them to win.

    Ed- Still an idiot ever since Jillian's season.

    Jaclyn- She looks like a duck and it bothers me.

    Lindzi & Kalon- I never liked Lindzi, so I'm glad she picked the biggest idiot to be with.

    SO glad I got all of that out ;)

    life and love with mr wonderful


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