Monday, August 6, 2012

power outage of 2012!!!

Okay, remember when I mentioned on Friday that Mr. H and I wanted to have a relaxing weekend at home?  Well, that sort of didn't happen.  Here in Texas, it's been over 100 degrees.  Let's just say that I have taken advantage of having air conditioning.  I'm over the summer heat and wishing it was fall already!!

Saturday morning Mr. H and I grabbed a pastry at a local bakery then went to Super Target to get groceries.  We wanted to get our errands run early before it got hotter than 90 out.  Fast forward to 1:10 pm...our electricity goes out!  That's right, no TV, no microwave (which I was in the middle of heating up my leftover pizza), no internet, no lights and NO AC!!  

We assumed it was our entire complex so we just waited it out.  Anyways, after a few calls to our electric company and our apartment complex we end up waiting it out until someone turned it on or fixed it.  Four ours later, Mr. H goes and finds the meters outside and sees ours was switched to off.  So he flips it to on and's back on!  

We turned on our standing fan and it read 84 degrees inside our apartment.  YES, it was HOT!!!!  We finally got to relax in a hot apartment at 5:30 pm.  Our entire afternoon was wasted with no electricity and out and about to get cool somewhere else.  

excuse the poor quality image
THEN...Sunday night we went to church at 5:00 pm where we found out the AC was broken and shut off earlier at 3:00 pm.  Needless to say it was HOT in there.  I was literally sweating.  When we were singing prasie and worship, I had sweat dripping down my legs (TMI, but you get how hot!).  

Mr. H and I realized how blessed we are to have AC!  It's something we always take advantage of and especially in this heat it's so important!  We finally cooled off, but the relaxing weekend we wanted turned into something a little different.  

Fall, we are waiting on you.  Please come quickly!!!  Thank you.

Happy Monday FRIENDS!


  1. Wow that's hott! How weird it was just switched off! And then didn't work.

  2. ICK! That's the worst, for some reason, a couple weeks ago all of our upstairs vents were shut off. Jare and I wake up dying of heath and can barely breathe because it's so hot, and we blast the AC, and had no idea the vents were shut off, so a few hours later we are fanning ourselves with paper and Jare realizes our vents were shut. WHO DOES THAT!? Cruel joke!

  3. oh gosh, i can only imagine! i absolutely hate when it gets so hot though. sweating when you are all dressed up is no fun. hot weather is only okay if you have the chance to be by water, and are wearing a swimsuit ;)
    xo TJ

  4. Oh no that sounds terrible! :(

    A lot of apartments in the city of Hollywood don't have ACs, I guess because they are older buildings, so I semi know how you feel. We're also close enough to the beach that it's usually in the high 80s.

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