Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy father's day!

My dad is someone I look up to for advice and is always there to listen.  We've had more of a friendship and I truly look up to him in many ways.  My dad is someone I could for sure not live without and I admire his positive attitude in all situations.  I'm so thankful to have you as my dad!

Last year I gained a father-in-law and he's such a wonderful family man.  He has a love for his kids that is amazing to see.  I hope Mr. H shares the same quality when we have children.  He's got a great example to look to for how to raise a family.  Thanks Big Mr. H for setting a wonderful example for my Mr. H!

Happy Father's Day to Steve and Dennis!!
Love y'all!


  1. That first photo is absolutely precious! I love Father's Day - spending time with the family is priceless.
    Have a great Father's Day!
    CoverGirl + Converse

  2. Beautiful, Anica and what nice photos as well! Have an amazing Father's day!


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