Tuesday, June 26, 2012

let's talk bachelorette

I love the Bachelorette and Bachelor!!  I don't know what it is about the show...I mean the success rate is like 2%.  I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic and I love watching love stories.  Plus I love me some drama.

Let's get started.  So as I predicted...abc was totally blowing the whole Arie thing out of proportion.  Thank you abc for tricking us, but I didn't fall for it.

(I give you a rose...make it two!)

Man, this far into the season and I'm still undecided as to who my top favorite guy is.  It's still a triple tie between Jef, Sean and Arie.  All have great qualities and there are things about each that I totally love.

Jef-Okay, Jef I totally loved your date with Emily.  I loved watching you and Emily play with the puppets.  I died laughing when you said "I like your nail polish."  You are just so funny and I think you and Emily would have a fun time together.  I see what she means when she says you would make a great dad because you act like a big kid yourself.  But, I can totally see that when the time comes you can be mature and serious.  I'm a fan.

Sean-I keep falling more in love with you.  Wow, pretty impressive that you "snuck" out to go find Emily after her date with Wolf.  I mean the kiss in the street was so hot.  Any girl would be luck to be on the other end of your lips!!  Haha.  I love how you swoop Emily up in your arms and make her feel protected, comforted and loved.  You're quickly becoming my number one...and you're from Dallas so how can I not like you!!!

Arie-I'm so glad you didn't have a scandalous relationship with the producer.  I would have been so disappointed because I really like you.  I loved your boat date with Emily watching the fireworks on the water...wow, so romantic!  Jef and Sean are coming up close man, you better step it up!

(Lonesome taxi ride home.  Bye-Bye!)

Doug-OMG, there are no words for how awkward you made me feel when you kissed Emily.  I can't even imagine how awkward it was for her.  Wow, that will go down  as one of the most uncomfortable kisses on Bachelorette history.  It is about time Emily finally sent you home.  I'm sorry Doug, but there was no connection between you and Emily.  I have no idea how you made it so long.  I hope you enjoyed seeing your son again.  Word of advice for the future, women like affection.  Hold her hand, put your arm around her, let her know you are into her...women love that.  Good luck finding your woman.

John-I'm sorry, but you did nothing for me this episode and I can totally see why Emily sent you home.  Like I told Doug, it's about time.  You were just too cocky in the end and it totally bit you in the hinny. I don't really know what else to say because I don't even know you...probably how Emily felt.  Good luck buddy. 

Chris-I used to like you Chris, but I totally think you are whinny and just plain annoying.  I mean all the other guys are in your situation and you don't see them crying because they got the group date.  Suck it up and enjoy your time with Emily.  I don't think you should have gotten a rose either, but I only think it's a matter of time before you are voted off.  Be a big boy and stop pouting.    

I am so excited about next week's episode.  Meeting the family is a big deal and you can totally find a lot about someone with how they act around their family, what their family says about them and just how their family is.  We've seen lots of crazy family's on the Bachelor/Bachelorette so I'm super pumped about these four guy's families.

p.s. Sean, while you are here in Dallas, feel free to stop by and say hi!  Mr. H and I would love to join you and Emily for a double date.  I'm just sayin'!


I'm liking up again with the lovely Meghan from More from Meg.  Check out all the chit cat about the latest episode of The Bachelorette!

Until next Monday!!


  1. LOVE this! Jef was my fave from the first night - I think they would be SO cute together! And Sean is just hot :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Found your blog from the link-up. Great recap! I totally agree about Doug being AWKWARD. I just don't get it. And I said from day 1 that Jef and Sean would make it far. So excited for next week!

  3. I was hoping she's ax Chris too lol. Over him. I love Jef and Sean but I think she's going to pick Ari.

    I was cracking up when Jef said "I want to marry you so hard!" Hilarious :)

  4. Hahaha!! I love what you said about Doug and Chris!! I couldn't agree more!! Thanks for linking up girlie!!

  5. Anica - you know what is funny. I keep missing the bach. show and now I just come here for the recap. It's like my own gossip column! Thanks :) Also, do you secretly think she might be older then 25!

  6. even though chris is definitely starting to get on my nerves, i was so happy see him get the rose. i really do think that he has some serious feelings for emily. just curious to see how it goes. and of course, they always make the preview seem way more dramatic than it really is. can't wait anyhow ;)
    xo TJ

  7. WHAT HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE DOUG! aww it was so sad last night.

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