Tuesday, June 19, 2012

let's talk bachelorette

Where do I start???  Tonight was another interesting episode of the Bachelorette that ended in a surprising turn of events.  Lets just say I was not happy with how things ended.  I'll explain later.

Look at these hotties!  I mean seriously, they all look better in a skirt and knee high than I would.  Now that's just wrong.  Anyways, poor Chris gave it 110% but was absolutely terrible at all the events!  I'm glad Emily gave him the brave cup or whatever it was called.  He totally tried and did it all for her.  I actually like Chris and felt pretty bad that he lost at everything.  However, he's a buff guy, I kind of find it hard to believe he couldn't do anything athletic.  Could this have been an abc move?  Who knows.      

This week my feelings are growing stronger for Jef, Arie and Sean so I can only imagine how strong Emily's feelings are.  These guys are still my top favorites!!  I love their relationships with Emily and for sure see chemistry with all three.  

(I give you a rose!)

Jef-I agree with lots of others that you're on the younger side; HOWEVER, I think you're still so real and into Emily.  Plus you're for sure a cutie!  I did notice that you say, "I feel like..." a lot.  Anyone else notice this?  At the same time though, if you're going to tell me how you are feeling and it's good...I'd listen all day long.  

Sean-You grow on me each week.  I've got to say I'm falling for you too.  You were the best looking out of all the guys in kilts-I'm not gonna lie.  Plus I love the connection you and Emily share.  I think you would make a great husband to Emily.  And boy would guys have the most beautiful children!!

Arie-I've been a fan of you for a while and I think you totally stepped it up this week.  Arie, way to go  check on Emily to see how she's feeling after eliminating Looser Ryan!  Oh and btw, you are the first one of the guys to get into bed with Emily's!  Ha.  You should feel pretty lucky!!  That street kiss you gave Emily was so romantic too.  Way to go Arie.  

(Lonesome taxi ride home!)

One down...two more to go!  I totally thought all three were going home this week.  Little did we know what Emily had up her sleeve!  Pretty tricky Emily.

Ryan-FINALLY!!!!!!!!  It's been along time coming, but Emily finally came to her senses!!!  I was so furious at you after Emily told you she wasn't giving you a rose.  I mean you kept trying to manipulate her even after she told you no you kept trying to change her mind.  Give it up Ryan!  Emily will not be your trophy wife.  Take your trophy wife quality list and hit the road!

John-Ok John this is the first time we really see you show any emotion.  While I'm sorry for the loss of your grandparents, I really don't know what the point of you showing that to Emily.  I think you just wanted to shed a tear so she can see your "sensitive side."  I would have preferred it if Emily would have sent you home.  I don't see any connection between you and Emily and frankly she's much further along with other guys so I think you're bound to go home eventually.  However, from next week's preview, it looks like he steals a kiss from Emily.  Uggg.

Doug-There's something not right about you.  While you may seem "perfect" clearly somethings up.  What's with you always looking down when you talk to Emily?  Your conversation with Emily at the rose ceremony was pretty awkward.  She shouldn't have to take your arm and put it around her.  Come on Doug...don't you know how to treat a woman??  I'm sorry Doug, but it's only a matter of time before you're out of here.

I can't believe Emily kept both John and Doug at the rose ceremony!  I was totally shocked by her decision.  Whatever Emily...you'll find out soon enough that Arie, Sean or Jef is the one for you.  Heck take all three!  :)

Why is it that this show is so addicting?  I'm always enticed to keep watching and always can't wait until the next episode!!

What do you think of Reality Steve or spoiler sites?  Do you like to know what's going to happen?  I can't stand finding out what will happen!!!!!!  I don't want to know ANYTHING!  I mean what's the point of watching if you already know what will happen.  That's no fun.

Until next Monday...


  1. I really thought both Doug and John were going to get the boot last night. I liked Doug in the beginning but now I think he's getting weird. I don't see either of them going much further. Arie is still my fav but I'm getting nervous for next week!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. I totally agree with everything you said...I vote for Sean!!! :)
    CoverGirl + Converse

  3. I'm so glad that Ryan is gone. I just wanted to slap him. My favorite is Jef. He is SO dang cute!!



  4. So glad she got rid of Ryan! Finally! I really like Sean and I think they'd make a cute couple. Jef is cute, in a different way.

    Side note: last week I saw Bachelorette Ali and she's so tiny and cute!

  5. I was sooo happy about Ryan! And I loved how shocked he was when she told him! HA! :) Thanks for linking up again lady!

  6. Ughh! I did not like Ryan at ALL! So happy he's out!

  7. agree, agree, and agree with everything single one of these! she really should have sent john (aka "wolf") and doug home. but then again, we would only have 4 guys and the show would be over way too soon for my liking.
    until next week. super pumped :)
    xo TJ

  8. ok agreed to everything here! i was on vacation on monday night so i caught up on the episode yesterday but stayed away from blogs because I didn't want any spoilers. glad that Ryan is gone, I thought for a moment she was going to take him back and give him one more chance but buh-bye ryan!! and arie i like him but i don't like the fact next week we will see Emily's interview after she found out Arie has a relationship with an ABC producer, ugh!


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