Wednesday, June 13, 2012

what's in my closet??

Happy Wednesday!  Okay friends...I decided to participate in a vlog with the awesome Miki from Becoming What I Always Was.  Now, I must admit I felt sooooo silly filming myself, but I did it for you all.

I don't have any crazy sweaters or secret items I stash away because I just can't get rid of them.  SO instead I wanted to show you a few oufits that I love and consider my "go to" outfits. 


I love seeing other people vlog because it's so much more personal than just words, but I can't stand myself on video.  Ha.  I guess it's how it always goes, right?  If you're lucky, you may see another vlog in the future.  We'll see!

If you want to participate in this awesome vlog, join us!  You can link up for the next 7 days.  Head over to see all the other vlogs. 

Whats in YOUR closet? 
Any embarrasing items YOU want to share?? 

Have a lovely WEDNESDAY!


  1. Oh no - it says your video is private! I can't wait to watch! :)

  2. Girl, you kill it at vlogs. You're so good at them! I love your voice. I want you to talk me to sleep. Also I am impressed, your closet is very well organized. I love the idea of go-to outfits. You're so fashionable, and have such fun jewelry. I am jealous. I am always needing more jewelry. You really need to be an outfit coordinator for famous people, you rock at it.

    ALSO the steamer is totally awesome!! My mom always had one growing up, and she'd use it on everything. I don't have one now, I need one though.

    Thanks for linking up with us! You are awesome, and seriously you need to go into professional vlogging.

  3. You did so well! I wish my closet looked that clean :/

  4. I am super envious of your steamer. Seriously. This has been on my wish list forever. Mr. H is a smart man.

    And I love your summer outfit. I also have been wanting a cute floral cardigan. Like you I never leave home without a cardigan.

    Great vlog. You're a natural. Thanks for linking up with us.

  5. Cute vid! Your closet is SO clean. I'm jealous. Btw, I agree with Miki - you have a really great "vlog" voice! It makes me want to keep watching all day. :) The steamer is so cool!! This is such a fun post, I love it! :)
    CoverGirl + Converse

  6. So jealoussss of the cowboy boots. It is on my life list to find at least one good pair to keep in my closet someday! (That and date a cowboy probably.) Loved that you put together some outfits...(that Anthropologie necklace is gorg. Well played to MR. H) I'm so happy with all the creative and fun directions that everyone took with this link up! Thanks for being a part of it !! :)

  7. WHAT! How did I miss this vlog - amazing on screen talent :) And I must say, what an or organized closet, even hung up jewelry - impressive! I don't have too many embarrassing items, but I can't get ride of those free college shirts ;)


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