Wednesday, May 23, 2012

shops at target

Have you seen that Target has partnered with some shops/boutiques around the states to bring us some fabulous new "things."  These Target Shops are totally amazing and I'm in love with The Webster shop from Miami.

Here are some of my favorite pieces and I'd pretty much love to have these three outfits hanging in my closet!  I need a unlimited shopping spree to Target basically right now.

This navy leaf pattern is amazing and is perfect for summer.  I like how they have the same pattern in various pieces of clothing and accessories.  It makes it easy to mix and match...great idea!  And obviously coral is so in right now so I'm all over this!  Which item(s) do I need to go get????  

I also love the home decor shop, Privet House from Connecticut. Check it out...I bet you'll fall in love too.  

I think we can all agree that Target is amazing.  This store seriously makes me happy!  Target itself is awesome and their commercials are genius!!!  One thing they need to approve upon is their website.  I think it's pretty boring and not in line with their image.  If you ask me, their website needs a makeover.  I'm not hatin'...just sayin'.  :)

Have a lovely day FRIENDS!


  1. I LOVE the middle outfit - so adorable!!! I love The Webster stuff too! :)

  2. I love all of these choices but I especially love how the first one matches with the shoe!!


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