Monday, May 21, 2012

date at the farmer's market

Hello FRIENDS...Mr. H and I had a wonderful weekend together.  We had a fun little date planned to go to the Farmer's Market on Saturday late morning and then a couple's wedding shower we nearly forgot about on Sunday (oops).

**Get ready for an awesome LONG blog post today.  :)  You're welcome!

I hadn't been to the Farmer's Market in over a year and Mr. H had never been to the Dallas one.  We found lots of yummy things to look at and eat.

I love veggies and fruit so this was heaven for me.  I wish I could have picked one of everything!!  Ha.  

Look how cute these mini green apples are!  They are basically bite sized.  I'd never seen any that small before.

Mr. H and I love new potatoes.  We like to boil them whole, cut them in half and add a little butter and salt and pepper.  They go great with any meat...add a fresh veggie and you've got a delicious meal. 

I LOVE sweet corn on the cob.  We didn't get any unfortunately.  Mr. H was the regulator and had to say no to some things because I wanted everything!!  :)

I really, really wanted some yummy berries....specifically blackberries.  Mr. H kept saying they were all too expensive.  $4 for a small bowl full, I get it, but I REALLY wanted them.  Blackberries, raspberries and strawberries are my favorite fruits!  The summer is the perfect time of year to eat all you can before they aren't in season anymore.  Next time we go to the Farmer's Market, I'm going to insist we get some blackberries since I didn't get any this time!!

We got some of these green beans.  They will go great with our new potatoes.  Look how huge these grapes are.  I'd never seen any grapes this large before.  They look delicious too!!

I mean they had EVERYTHING you could want there.  Veggies, fruit, meats, eggs, honey, flowers, and then there were little vendors inside a separate pavilion.  There were so handmade soaps I wanted to time.  OH and these super yummy looking pies.  They had mini ones were were going to get, but we got another little dessert treat instead.  We have an excuse to go back now to try these other things!!!

There were lots of flowers and these were my absolute favorite!!  Here you have a combinations of lots of beautiful flowers and the colors go so good together!  They are just so cherry and bright...I LOVE!  We live in an apartment so it's not the best place for planting flowers.  

I love all these beautiful flowers.  The large red ones are so summery.  I wish I had a yard to plant some in, but with my luck they'd die instantly.  

I saw this hanging plant holder and thought it was the cutest thing ever.  I picture my future house with a large wrap around front porch with several of these hanging with some of those bright colored flowers.  Wouldn't that look beautiful.  

Here's Mr. H being silly with his gig 'em thumbs up wearing his maroon shirt (supporting is TX A&M school).  Isn't he the cutest!!!  

We got lunch out there and I got this yummy spread.  Two tostadas (one beef/one chicken) with black beans, cabbage, cheese, tomatoes and cilantro and a side of refried beans and rice.  The tostadas were amazing and very authentic.  

My favorite part of the trip was tasting and getting fudge!  If you didn't know by now, I'm a HUGE sweet treat lover.  Mr. H is too, but he'll tell you I love it more.  We decided upon pecan praline fudge.  We both LOVE pralines and this was absolutely to die for.  If I had it my way, I would have gotten three or four different kinds.  Haha.  Again, next time... :)

We had such a fun little outing at the Farmer's Market.  It turned out to be a gorgeous day and I had my favorite person with me.  Thanks Mr. H for taking your wifey on a fun date! 

Here's what we ended up getting: peaches, cherry tomatoes, new potatoes, strawberries and green beans.  I'm pretty excited about these things!  The peaches were so ripe and tasted amazing.  We'll have a yummy meal this week with our new potatoes and green beans.  I'll be taking these strawberries and cherry tomatoes for lunch this week.  Lots of nutrients coming our way this week-look how healthy Mr. H and I are.  (minus the fudge. haha)

We have lots of weddings to attend this summer.  This sweet couple below are getting married June 22!  Congrats Alina and Daniel.  Aren't they the cutest couple?  Well be sides Mr. H and I of course.  

We took another pictures with A&D.  How cute right?  Haha.

Two of my sweet friends.  See the creeper in the back...that's Stacie (on the right)'s fiancee.  They are getting married June 1!  It's getting close.  I'm so excited!!  Can't wait to celebrate with y'all Stacie and Jeff!!  

We had some time to kill before we headed to church at 5:00 so Mr. H took me to...

Pretty awesome right!!!  Are you jealous??  You should be because those cupcakes were amazing.  I usually think Sprinkles is over rated and typically they are a little dry, but they were amazing actually!

I got carrot and Mr. H got lemon.  Carrot is my absolute favorite and I was so happy they had it.  If you've never been they don't carry all the flavors everyday.  

I was so happy to eat my cupcake!!!  Mr. H sure knows how to make my day even better!!

We didn't like our cupcakes if you can't tell.  Ha.  We ate them in about one minute.  No shame though...every bite was amazing.  Mr. H's lemon was yummy too.  I of course had to have a bite.

We had a very fun weekend and got to spend lots of time together.  That's why weekends are my favorite...I get to spend lots of quality time with Mr. H.  

I hope you too had a fun weekend and were even able to relax a little!!  It's time to get back to work and I look forward to what this week has to bring.  I'm starting to look at beginning the week with a positive attitude.  I have a hard time getting back into the work week, but with a good attitude it will make it so much easier!  

On a side note, I HATE fever blisters!!  I've had the virus since I was younger and I get them every now and then.  I got one on Friday and it always makes me so mad!  Mr. H does not have them so that's right, I can't kiss Mr. H until it goes away.  4-5 days people!!!  Ugggg.  We're still able to cuddle at least so it could be worse I guess.  Be thankful if you don't have them, they are painful and just plain annoying!  

Have a HAPPY day friends!


  1. Amazing pictures!!! Especially at the Farmers Market!! Looks like a great weekend! :)

  2. aw, i love farmer's markets! they are always so much fun! all such beautiful photographs, girl! and that lunch looks absolutely delicious!!!
    and yay to lots of weddings together! i can't wait to go to a friends wedding with the mister as a married couple ;)
    xo TJ

  3. A&D are adorable. I like the photo with the 4 of you. ha! Also I am insanely jealous. I wish that I had ever been to a farmers market. How do you hear about them? I guess I am just always out of the loop. I always hear about things after they happen. The flowers looks so fun there. I have never been into gardening or flowers, but for some reason this year I am actually trying to grow something. Usually I forget about them and they die..

  4. Aren't farmers markets just the best? You guys are cute (:

  5. Adorable...simply adorable...! These pictures are so colorful of the fruits and veggies!
    What a fun date. And thank goodness for the 'regulator'! Ha, so funny!

  6. great pictures! and your friends are a gorgeous couple!


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