Monday, May 7, 2012

i love me some bethenny!

Hello lovely FRIENDS!  I hope you had a super great weekend.  Mine was wonderful filled with a little lounge time with Mr. H, brunch with my mom, shopping with my sister and nephew little B, dinner and slumber party with my sister-in-law SB, then more lounge time with Mr. H.  It was a fun, filled weekend with some of my favorite people.

SB and I planned our girl's night around Mexican food for Cinco de Mayo and Bethenny Frankel.  We are both huge fans of Bethenny Ever After.  Neither of us have ever tried her Skinny Girl so we thought girl's night was the perfect time.  We picked up her Skinny Girl Margarita and Sangria.  We also had the latest episode of Bethenny Ever After to watch, which was hard to wait until the weekend to watch it.  It was well worth it though.  It was fun to watch it together and discuss our thoughts.

Thanks Lauryn for suggesting a slice of was delis!!  We had a glass of each and I loved both equally.  It's awesome to have a mixed drink without actually making a mess to create it.  I love that part! 

Cheers to a super fun girl's night and to the new bride to be!!  Girl's nights are always so fun because we get to watch our girl shows, talk about girl things, eat whatever we want, talk wedding know what I mean. 

Another week is beginning and I'm actually already wishing it was the weekend.  Mr. H has to travel out of town for work Tuesday morning to Thursday night and I'm pretty sad about that.  I need lots of Mr. H time so needless to say,  I'm not thrilled at all.  I'll put on my big girl pants and get through it.  Thank goodness for facetime :)  

Happy Monday!


  1. I LOVE the Sangria - sooo delicious!!! :)

  2. I need to get me some of that! It looks so yummy! I am a sucker for packaging, and those bottles are so darling! Seriously who buys alcohol based on the package?? This girl! Same with shampoo, nail polish, and pretty much everything!

  3. Aww girls night are the best :) Looks like a lot of fun!!! And hmmm I have been wanting to try that!!!

  4. What a great idea mixing the two- for some reason I love that show too, could be her witty comments! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  5. I love bethenny as well. I have been dying to try her skinny girl products but they are not here in the south. Glad u had a great weekend!


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