Thursday, May 31, 2012

i did it!

I'm so excited to report that I LOVED my Brazilian blowout I got yesterday!  The process was tedious to me.  I've never had my hair colored or highlighted so I'm not used to being in the salon for longer than a haircut.  It was totally worth the wait.

So let me break it down for you on how the process works and show you some remarkable pictures!  I purposefully came with my hair curly so I could get a great before and after picture.  

Here's the process...
  • Wash the hair to get out all the products
  • Brush in the special Brazilian blowout cream product
    • I'm not going to lie.  The product kind of stung a little on my scalp and the fumes can burn your eyes a little.  The stylist wore a surgeon mask because of the fumes.  I chose to suck it up cause I'm awesome like that.  Ha.
  • Blow dry the hair straight 
    • After this, my hair looked awesome so I was very excited to see it after straightening.
  • Flat iron the hair
  • Wash the hair
    • That's right, I said wash the hair.  Can you believe after all that work that you have to wash it out!!!  It's so crazy, but that's part of the process.
  • Put a mask on the wet hair and leave for 3-4 minutes
    • This adds moisture that was taken away from flat ironing.
  • Blow dry the hair straight
  • Touch up with the flat iron
  • Admire the awesomeness!!
  • DONE
There you have it.  It took just under 3 hours!  But I did get a little bit of a trim and she touched up my bangs because they were blahhh.  Are you ready for the after pictures????

Looks AWESOME right?  I know you can get this look with simply flat ironing it, but I'm so curious to know how it will look once I can wash it and then go to blow dry it.  Oh I forgot to mention you can't get it wet for 72 hours.  I'm not thrilled about this because I like to wash my hair at least every other day, but I'll deal for this!

There you have it.  So far I'm thrilled with the results.  We'll see what the next few weeks bring.  If it last 4 months (as told) I will officially become a Brazilian blowout addict!!!!!

Oh side note...I had a reality star sighting at the salon.  I wish I was paying better attention, but I just saw the back of her.  My fellow Bachelor watching fans will know who I'm talking about...remember Melissa Rycroft from Jason Mesnick's season???  She was the winner, but then got dumped for the runner up.  Anyways, Melissa was getting her hair did right before me!!!  I was reading a magazine while getting my blowout and there was an article about her upcoming CMT reality show and my stylist said "oh she was here right before you."  Pretty cool right?!?!  I'd seen her and her husband once before at a local restaurant several years ago.  So basically we could easily become BFF's.  I really liked her and now she has the cutest little girl and family.

I'm one happy customer.  I'll give updates to let you know how it's progressing.  Hopefully I'll have nothing to report except pure awesomeness!!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. That's so cool! The celebrity sighting and the hair! It looks beautiful!!!

  2. Your hair looks AMAZING! I'm a Bachelor and Bachelorette fan so that's a pretty cool celebrity sighting!

  3. This looks beautiful! I always wanted to know the tricks to a Brazilian blowout - and know I do :) Enjoy your new hair, Anica!

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous! I'm curious to find out how it looks after you wash it out and style it again :)

    Enter to win a clutch!

  5. You sure weren't kidding about your hair being curly. Mine's just as curly but longer, so it's nice to know it'll actually work if I ever decide to do it. Your hair looks fabulous btw!

  6. okay, the before and after shot is absolutely ridiculous!!!
    what a process. although that strong stinging smell does not sound appealing. beautiful!!!
    xo TJ

  7. looks great!
    and thanks for including the celebrity sighting :)

  8. You look so pretty!!! Sounds like a long process, but it looks like it's definitely worth it!

  9. Wow!! The results are amazing and your hair is so shiny!! Looks like it was definitely worth it. Enjoy your straight hair :)

  10. Hi there - your hair looks great both ways! I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing how your hair has reverted (or not). I notice it's been over 5 months. I am 6 weeks into my treatment and actually missing my hair. Thanks!


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