Monday, May 14, 2012

it was a fun filled weekend!

I made sure to take lots of pictures last weekend.  I'm a photographer, but I don't typically have my camera on hand for events and everyday things.  Silly I know!  It's a goal of mine to start documenting Mr. H and I and our family better.  I want to be able to look back and remember these special times with our family and friends.

Side note...As I mentioned I'm a photographer, but I usually only have my little point and shoot so please don't judge my pictures.  Ha.  

The weekend started off with a birthday celebration for my mother in law, LK.  It was her birthday last Wednesday and this was the first time in several years her husband and three kids were with her.  German chocolate cake is her favorite so of course that's what we had.  And it was delish!!    

On our way to the house, Mr. H stopped by a fish and bait store (is that' what their called) and picked up some minnows and worms.  Yucky!  He apparently wanted to do a little fishing for fun.  

He caught one!  Look at that catfish.  I could barely stand close enough to take these pics.  Ha.  Silly Mr. H trying to kiss him.  He probably would have kept it, but I encouraged him to toss it back.  He had his fun.

Saturday we headed to Mr. H's cousin's house who lives close to the lake house.  He has this wonderful garden and had us over to pick some yummy vegetables.  I was pretty impressed with the size and the variety of veggies he had.  

We had to look hard for some of these veggies.  Especially to find the ones that were ripe enough to pick.  And look how cute the little lady bugs are.  

Look at all the yummy veggies we gathered.  Ok, I must confess that some were already picked for us and LK was doing most of the work.  Fresh veggies are the best.  I'd love to have a garden someday, but I don't have a green thumb and I don't like to get dirty.  Maybe not the right hobby for me.  I'll stick to eating other people's labor. 

Ok, this is one of the best meals ever!  Fresh picked lettuce and tomatoes for our salad with homemade ranch dressing, then zucchini and squash, fresh backed bread with butter and honey (there's totally nothing better) and then of course steak.  I like mine well done so it's pretty much burned. Ha.  LK likes her steak the same way and we get made fun of every time we grill out.  And then I soak it in Hines 57 or A1 sauce.  I'm a sauce girl all the way.  

After dinner, the boys hung out by the fire pit and talked about boy things.  It's usually business related and very boring.

The girls stayed inside to play a game of Mexican train.  It was a really close game, but LK ended up winning by two points.  I love this game and it so fun to play with a big group!

This is kind of the coolest thing ever!  When I first saw it I thought it was a joke.  I mean how is it possible to walk/stand on the water.  I watched everyone try it and accomplish it quit successfully.  I was so nervous the entire time because I knew eventually my turn would come and I honestly didn't think I could do it!  I do NOT like lake water at all so if I fell...well it wouldn't go over very well.  

Mr. H encouraged me to give it a try and at first I was just going to do it to get a quick picture, but then I thought I'd go out a little further.  I was pretty darn proud of myself.  

I got out a little ways and then my knees shook and everyone on the dock started making noises like omg she's going to fall.  Ha.  I didn't though.  I used my core and pulled it together.  :)  I actually enjoyed it so much I tried it again on Sunday before we left.  I just needed to try it once to get over my fear.  Thanks Mr. H for your encouragement and guidance in how to use the paddle to turn.  

SB led the girls and talked both LK and I into trying it out too.  We all did it successfully and the'll be plenty more paddle boating this summer.  

Here's my father in law.  He's pulling a Leo.  

Sunday morning we took a family boat ride around the lake.  It was surprisingly chilly in the wind.  Our first boat ride of the summer was fun and successful!. 

Here's our view from the back porch.  Now you know why I love going to the lake so much.  Mr. H and I had a wonderful weekend filled with family time and celebration.  

The first episode of the Bachelor or Bachelorette is always a very interesting one.  I feel like this first episode had some rather interesting introductions.  I mean Mr. prince charming guy...really.  And Mr. MC guy...who owns a boom box.  Texas is representing though!  It's too early to tell who my favorites are, but there are already some that NEED to go!  Here's to a good season Emily.  Hopefully you'll find true love, but in the meantime I hope to be highly entertained with loads of great drama.  :)

The names charming, prince charming.  


  1. HAHAHA - the names Charming, Prince Charming - I almost died!!!

  2. ew, gross. that catfish looks so disgusting, haha. i hope the poor guy survived!
    and as far as emily's season, i'm super pumped! i'm pretty sure it was the helicopter guy that calls her daughter baggage. and my favorites so far are the guy who rode in on a skateboard and the guy who held up the piece of paper because he was "so nervous" ;)
    xo TJ

  3. i love all these photos! those fresh veggies look especially yummy :)

    - l

  4. Anica - what a fun weekend! Love the pics and I love looove paddle boarding. It is so relaxing and fun. Try two on the board next time - it's even more fun!

  5. What an awesome weekend! Your meal looks delicious and paddle boarding looks fun - although I'd probably be too chicken :)
    I'm watching Bachelorette too - some of those guys are ridiculous!


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