Tuesday, September 11, 2012

let's talk bachelor pad...

Another eventful Bachelor Pad season comes to an end.  And let me just say I am NOT happy.

Toni and Blakely- What a surprising turn of events.  How exciting that you found love from the Bachelor Pad.  Toni, you truly seem like an outstanding gentleman and a perfect match for an outspoken Blakely.  It seems as though you both really compliment each other.  If you can be your true self around him and he makes you feel comfortable then it seems like a wonderful pair.  Best of luck you two!! At least there was some good out of the season finale.  

Chris and Sarah-I am just so happy y'all didn't win!!!!!!  I am so proud of your family and friends Chris for speaking their mind and putting you in your place.  Someone needs to tell you that you were a jerk and your actions were terrible!  If I were your parents, I'd be very disappointed in the way you acted because you were clearly not raised like that.  And Sarah, what were you doing sticking by his side????  You should have know this partnership was a failure.  And nothing was ever discussed about where y'all currently stand...are y'all a couple still or what??  

Nick and Rachel- Okay, what the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Nick, how in the WORLD did you win and how in the WORLD could you not "share" the winnings with Rachel?????????  I mean seriously.  You did not "play the game well"  it was all lucky that you never got voted off.  And you sooooo did not want to be in a partnership with Rachel.  It just turned out that way!  I can't believe you think you brought yourself to the end.  Really??  Rachel, I would be furious!!!!!!  I felt soooo bad for you and would have reacted the same way.  You were going to do the right thing so that each of you could win $$ and share the winnings.  Nick totally played you in the end and that's where I think it's incredibly selfish of him!  THEN on top of how he acted after the reveal, he just walks off stage and exits in his limo without even explaining himself.  What a coward!!! He clearly knew he was in the wrong or he would have confronted you.  Wow!  I just can't believe it.  And what was with the audience clapping for him.  OMG I would have been booing!!!!!  LOUD!  I'm so sorry for all that happened on the show Rachel, but you put up a good fight until the end.  If you can find true love, you won't even need the money.  Best of luck Rachel!!!!  I have no final words for you Nick.  

If you can't tell I was NOT happy with the final results of the show.  I'm just glad it's over.  This season was not my favorite for sure.  Until January when a new Bachelor will be revealed.  Who will it be??  I can't wait until he's reviled!! 

I'm liking up with the lovely girls Meghan from More from Meg AND Alisa from All Things Alisa.  They brought us the wonderful Bachelorette link up and now they're talking about the crazy Bachelor Pad. Check out all the chit cat about the latest episode of the Bachelor Pad!

Summer TV shows are officially over and I'm SOOOO excited for the fall shows to start.  Yea!

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  1. I thought that ending was AWESOME!!! It was almost as good as when Brad Womack picked no one. Nick is right...it's a game. Good for him. He was a bit of a sore winner, but I loved the twist. These people lie, sleep around and are drunk over 1/2 the time...integrity is not high on the list!
    I did feel sorry for Rachel and was sad Michael turned out to be a bit of a player. But give me a twist any day!!! :)


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