Tuesday, September 4, 2012

let's talk bachelor pad PLUS labor day recap

How come long weekends always go by so fast?  Mr. H and I had a fun, relaxing weekend at the lake. We enjoyed family time, boat ride, good food, skip bo, mexican train, yummy homemade ice cream, sleeping in, lounging and an extra day to do nothing!

1. Mexican train is for sure one of my favorite games.  It's a super fun domino game we play all the time at the lake.  It's sort of similar to chicken feet if you've ever played that.  
2. Mr. H wanted to create a logo or brand for the lake house.  Here's what he came up with and I designed it in Photoshop.  He made sample cozies and took them to the lake to she the in laws.  They were a hit.  We'll be making more stuff with the cool logo.
3. Okay, I know what you are thinking.  Cheetos are so bad for you.  I know that.  I didn't buy them and I didn't request them; however, it doesn't mean I won't snack on a few!  They bring back memories of my childhood.  And for sure the puffs are better than the crunchy ones...Mr. H would disagree.  We don't buy them for in our family so it doesn't even matter.  Haha.
4. Mr. H and I on the boat.  We only got out on the boat once (if you can believe it).  The water was so choppy it wasn't even an enjoyable ride.  I was holding an ice tea and most of it ended up all over me because it was so bumpy.  

We got home and I was so excited for another episode of Bachelor Pad.  After the last few episodes, I've been a little disappointed this season; however, that has not stopped me from watching.  I'm very anxious to find out how it will all end.  

The first competition was okay, but the sining competition was insane.  I would have died...literally. I do NOT sing in front of people so this would have been terrifying to me!!!  I give props to each of them for giving it their best shot.  

Is it just me or did anyone else not know the "most famous rock song of all times?"  I mean I wish they would have done a more popular song...perhaps something pop.  I'm sure Night Rider or whoever was all they could afford.    

Nick and Rachel- I'm actually excited for you Rachel that you made it this far.  You are certainly my favorite of the top 8.  Nick, I feel like you had it really easy and it's sort of not fair that you made it in the top.  Y'all did for sure have the best performance so hats off to you two!

Chris and Sarah- How do you both keep winning?  I'm so glad y'all didn't win the singing competition though, y'alls performance was not so good and the singing was for sure not.  I REALLY do NOT want y'all to win.  When I say y'all I really mean Chris.  

Tony and Blakeley- It's a shame you went home Tony.  I think you deserved to be in the top 4.  Blakeley, I hate to say this, but I'm glad you are gone.  You were always a little annoying to me.  Although, I'm with you in hoping Chris does NOT win!!  I hope y'alls relationship makes it.  The journey would have all been worth it!  

Ed and Jaclyn- Words cannot describe how horrible your performance was.  I mean really.  Jaclyn, I don't understand why you are getting all worked up about your friendship with Rachel.  It's a competition and there is only one winner.  You should be happy for your friend.  It's very childish to say she might as well be dead to you.  That's just stupid.  Ed, you were for sure entertaining this season, but I am glad you didn't make it to the end.  After your season with Jillian and hearing what went down, I just don't have a lot of respect for you.  AND not to mention how you handled your "hook up" with Jaclyn.  

Seeing the previews makes me SOOOOOOOOO excited for the season finale next Monday.  Something crazy happens and even Chris Harrison is surprised.  They have left me in suspense and I can't wait!  

p.s. If you know what happens in the finale...PLEASE DON'T TELL ME!!!!  I like to be surprised.  Thanks!

I'm liking up with the lovely girls Meghan from More from Meg AND Alisa from All Things Alisa.  They brought us the wonderful Bachelorette link up and now they're talking about the crazy Bachelor Pad. Check out all the chit cat about the latest episode of the Bachelor Pad!

It's a short work week.  Happy TUESDAY friends!


  1. Nick and Rachel definitely did have the best performance. I think it was smart that Nick convinced Rachel to take Chris and Sarah to the finals with them. It will be easy to win against Chris since he is the most hated in the house. I didn’t have time to watch it last night, but this morning I watched it on my Hopper with the Auto Hop feature. I got ready to head into work at Dish while the Auto Hop skipped over the commercials for me. It saved me plenty of time to finish getting ready for work. I am so shocked that Chris has made it this far, but I know he won’t win.

  2. This has nothing to do with your post - Just wanted to say I miss reading your blog, but will back to blog checking and emailing reading next week! xo xo

  3. Aren't lazy weekends the best?? Thanks for the reality TV catch-up, I am always so far behind! I hope you're having a great week, if you have time I'd love for you to stop by Twirling Clare to enter my giveaway from Brighthouse Baubles. The winner will be announced on Friday!
    Twirling Clare


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