Tuesday, September 11, 2012

one year down...

Mr. H and I had a wonderful anniversary.  Our actually anniversary was yesterday, but we started the celebration on Sunday.  Who wouldn't want to celebrate for two days!!

We checked in to the hotel we stayed on our wedding night.  Rosewood Mansion at Turtle Creek is by far the most luxurious hotel ever!  Everyone greeted us by name and their attention to detail is beyond what I could have ever imagined.  They think of everything!  

We checked in at 3:00 sharp to take advantage of the entire experience.  Upon arriving to our room, a few moments later we were welcomed with iced tea (which was amazing!!) and chocolate covered strawberries.  What a great way to start our anniversary!!  

Mr. H and I lounged, watched TV and played a game or two of skip bo.  Our dinner reservations weren't until 6:30 so we had some time to just enjoy our room. 

I didn't want to risk saving the top of our wedding cake it and it tasting gross.  So instead, I had a mini cake made.  Christie McCabe with Daily Dose of Sweet did all of our goodies on our dessert table for our wedding so I asked her if she would make us a cake for our one year anniversary.  

She is so creative and has such an attention to detail.  I couldn't be happier with how our cake turned out.  I love the simplicity and the elegant flower.  Can you believe she made the flower out of frosting???  It looks real and so delicate.  Thanks Christie for yet again surpassing my expectations!!  

Mr. H and I got dressed up to head to the restaurant at the Mansion.  I love getting dressed up for special occasions...it's so fun.  Doesn't Mr. H look so handsome!?!?!  I'm a lucky girl. 

To give you an example of how detail oriented the Mansion is...our waitress told us that we were originally assigned to table #31, but since we were celebrating our one year anniversary they moved us to table #1.  We thought that was so cute.  It was a quaint and cozy little booth. 

After a wonderful dinner, we enjoyed our delicious anniversary cake.  I was so sad to cut into it.  It was just too cute to eat!

For our anniversary morning, Mr. H ordered us room service.  It sure feels good to be spoiled!  A yummy breakfast, fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh flowers...it doesn't get any better than that.  


Okay, I've been pretty excited about my gift to Mr. H for over a year!  That's right, I've been thinking about this for well over a year now.  I was originally going to give it to him for a wedding gift, but thought I'd wait to use a wedding picture.  Also, we decided to exchange traditional anniversary gifts and paper is the gift for year one.  

I found my inspiration through etsy.  I'm a crafty girl so I figured, I can make that...and for way cheaper.  You might be wondering what it is....so you can see the picture I used on the right, which is glued to the back, and then I used extra wedding invitations.  I cut the picture and invitations up using a heart stencil.  Then arranged them in this white shadow box.  I wanted to crease all the hearts so they looked like they were floating, but our invitation was too thick where it had a bad crease line.  I only ended up folding the picture hearts, which I think looks fine.  This gift was obviously to Mr. H, but I wanted it just as bad.      

I also wanted to make him a book of everything we've done this last year.  I think I'll do this every year as a great way to document our life together.  It was so fun to look back over the year and reminisce about the special times we had together.   

Mr. H gave me a very special gift.  His grandfather performed the ceremony at our wedding.  He's married his three kids and all his grandkids that are married.  We jumped at the opportunity to ask him to marry us too!  He even used the same vows that Mr. H's parents used.  

Mr. H asked him for a copy of the ceremony for us to have.  I LOVE this gift and it will be so special for us to have to look back upon and then show our kids someday.  Like I mentioned yesterday, I'm in the process of creating a wedding book with all of our wedding pictures and now I'll include our wedding ceremony in it as well.  

Wow, a year down!  I can without a doubt say this last year with Mr. H has been the best year of my life.  It's been a joy to walk along side him as we grow together in the Lord.  We owe it all to Him for our success as a couple.  We are beyond blessed to have the love and support of our family.  I look forward to year #2 and all that it will bring.  

I love you so much Mr. H!  Here's to another amazing year together.  Xoxoxo!!!!!!



  1. Happy Happy Anniversary! I think that is such a cute idea to go back to the hotel you stayed at your wedding night. It sounds like they spoiled you and so did Mr. H! 1 year down ;)

  2. eeek happy belated anniversary!!!!! What a GORGEOUS hotel that is...seriously looks stunning and so romantic, perfect for a weekend getaway. And your cake looks amazing! We saved ours from our wedding night and ate almost every morsel a year later (gross I know haha but it was delish!) I love that you wore white out to dinner and he was in a suit, kind of like a wedding :-) and your gives are precious!

  3. Happy Anniversary! That hotel is beautiful!! I seriously showed it to my husband and told him we had to go there. Oh and I love your dinner outfit!

  4. Where is this place?? Hubby and I need to go there ASAP!

    And that first picture makes the place look like it could be on The Bachelor or something. It's gorgeous!

    Your gifts, SO awesome. I love the gift that you gave to him.


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