Thursday, September 20, 2012

fall fashion or fall tv?

Okay, you know how much I love fashion!  While I love all the fashion fall brings, it's a toss up on what I'm more excited about: fall fashion or fall TV.

Right now, I'm super excited for the premiers to be starting next week.  I'm a huge TV junkie and according to Mr. H I have way to many shows.  I counted one time and I think it was well over 10 that I watch consistently.  Embarrassing I know!

I've been left in suspense since the spring and I cannot wait until next week to see how these shows turn out.  Grey's Anatomy left me with the biggest finale ever.  It was literally so emotional.  I can't wait to see how it turns out!!!


Modern Family is I think hands down mine and Mr. H's favorite show.  It's always hilarious and just makes me very happy.  This is comedy at it's greatest!!


I've been watching Private Practice since the beginning and I actually liked it better than Grey's.  However, after last season on Grey's they are drawing me back in.  I can't wait to see who Addison chooses.  And I'm sad though because she said on an interview over the summer (on Bethenny!!!) that this is her last season.  Uggg.


There was a time when I was going to stop watching Glee because some of the topics that were discussed; however, I kept coming back because of the amazing singing!  Those kids are extremely talented!  I LOVE almost every song they sing better than the original artist.  Now that's major talent.  


I was obsessed with Smash from the very beginning.  I'm so excited for season 2 to start.  The singing from this cast is amazing too.  Katharine McPhee is a brilliant singer and I love Debra Messing! 


Now there is one NEW show that Mr. H and I are excited to watch.  Nashville looks pretty good actually.  We both love Connie Britton who was in Friday Night Lights.  I think this show could be really good.  We'll give it a try for sure! 


What show are YOU most excited about this fall?


  1. I am So excited to see Modern Family & Nashville! We loved Friday Night Lights too!

  2. I'm really excited about Modern Family, loved the way it ended last season. Nashville isnt the type of show I normally watch but its actually peeked my interest so we'll so how that goes. I'm probably more excited about Revenge, Scandal & Once Upon A those shows.


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