Monday, September 24, 2012

food truck

Happy Monday.  Another weekend is over.  Mr. H and I had a VERY relaxing weekend.  It's one of the last ones we'll have for a long time.  It's about to get really busy people!!  

Have you ever been to a food truck?  I hadn't until last weekend.  Mr. H and I met up with some friends at a food park in Fort Worth.  It's such a cool idea.  It's like a food court, but out of trucks.  

Friends Mary (from Put a Ruffle On it!!!) and Melissa.

I got an amazing hamburger from Fred's Texas.  I got homemade guacamole on it.  Yummy!!

Mr. H got a grilled cheese with three pepper colby jack and BBQ pulled pork from Lee's Grilled Cheese.  It was delicious.  I of course had to take a bite (or two).  They also had grilled mac & cheese, that looked so yummy, but I neither one of us got it.  We'll have to try it next time!

If you don't know by now, I have a love for desserts!!!!  It's no surprise that I had to try a cupcake from the Red Jett Sweets truck.  I was so excited to try their new flavor for fall: Peter Pumpkin, but they sold out right before we walked up to the window.  Uggg.  

I settled for Nuts for Kentucky which was bourbon cake, carmel buttercream and rolled in candied pralines.  It was very yummy.  Mel was living on the edge and tried their other fall flavor: maple bacon.  Sounds kind of weird, right?

This was such a fun outing.  Mr. H and I will for sure be going back to try out other trucks.  It's a fun place for a casual date night or a fun evening with friends.  Maybe they'll have a pumpkin cupcake next time too.  

Have a very HAPPY Monday friends!


  1. Everything looks so good! I went to a food truck fest here in Columbus this Summer too! So fun!

  2. that looks so fun! Is it in fort worth all the time or just temporarily?? I will have to go when Im in that area!!

    1. It looks pretty permanent with a bar, restrooms and paved driveways for the trucks, so you'll have to check it out!!!

  3. How fun! I have been wanting to go find some good food trucks here in San Antonio! That hamburger with guacamole, oh my! Delish!!

  4. So fun hanging out and being featured on the blog :)
    Have a great week!!!!

  5. This looks like sooo much fun and so delicious! If I ever visit you, we are going here :)

  6. Well, this simply looks like pure fun and complete deliciousness! I wish we had a little food truck carnival here! ;) xo

  7. This all looks AMAZING! I'm hungry now! I love food trucks, slightly obsessed with them actually, they are huge in DC and my favorite taco one comes on Fridays!



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