Monday, September 17, 2012

happy birthday b!

We celebrated our nephew's 2nd birthday yesterday!  Or should I say my family celebrated while he took a nap.  Ha.  We all got together for lunch and it's right around his nap time.  He spent the first part of lunch crying because he was so tired...poor thing.  But after all, it's his birthday and he can cry if he wants to, right???  Soooo, since he was napping, the only pictures we got were of my family minus the birthday boy Bentley.  (so sad!)

My brother is moving back to Texas!!!  He spent two years in Colorado, but could hear Texas calling his name to come home.  This is the first picture we've had together since mine and Mr. H's wedding a year ago!  Crazy huh.

My brother's girlfriend came down from Colorado and we all got to meet her for the first time.  She was so sweet and fit it really well!  

Isn't Bentley's momma gorgeous?  My sister is the best momma to sweet B and my very special sister!  

My dad and Marcie came over to celebrate too so it was one big happy family event!  We had yummy BBQ and then played Mexican train.  Anytime we have a group together I always suggest Mexican's just so fun!

Mr. H and I happily married one year later!  I remember celebrating Bentley's one year birthday last year the day we got back from our honeymoon to the Bahamas.  Oh how I wish we just returned from a week vacation at the Bahamas!!!!

We had a fun weekend with family and friends and it's back to work again!  Good things always have to come to and end.  



  1. Love you dress! One of my favorite colors to wear.

  2. I, too, would like a trip to the Bahamas!
    Have a great week!

  3. Aw, yay to families being reunited. You all look fabulous! Loving the yellow on you ;)
    xo TJ


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