Thursday, October 25, 2012

fashion's party time

Happy 100th birthday Friday's Fancies!  I've put together two party outfits to celebrate the occasion.

leopard chic
I know this dress is pretty bold, but I think it's super fun!  I paired it with classic accessories to make it elegant and chic.  

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little black dress
I took the little back dress and went fun and funky.  If you don't know already I love the color combo black and hot pink-what girl doesn't right?.  I paired this dress with a multi-colored glitter clutch that I'm dying to own.  I would totally wear this to a fun party or dressy occasion...New Year's Eve maybe?? 

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Let me say I'm sorry for the lack of blog posts recently.  I've gotten really busy lately then Mr. H and I got a terrible stomach bug this week.  It's not been good!  I'm so happy it's Friday, but I'll be working most of the weekend.  I get to photograph three awesome families.

I do have a few exciting announcements to share AND I still need to show you my new brown boots.  I haven't taken them out of the box since I bought them two weeks ago.  Ha.  I am still trying to decide if I want to keep them.  Have a fun weekend and let's party!



  1. I was tempted to use that leopard dress. It is so fun! Look forward to reading more from you!

  2. Oh wow, the leopard is so pretty! You'd certainly the belle of the ball in it. LOVE!

  3. Usually wearing leopeard intimidates me but I love that dress so I would definitely wear that one! Great outfits!

    Rachel @

  4. The leopard dress is amazing!!! Want it!!

  5. love the leopard dress!! so cute and fun!!


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