Monday, October 8, 2012

it's FALL!

It's been in the 50's the last two days!  It's crazy because just the other day it was 80.  I've been trying to keep myself very busy these last few days since Mr. H is gone.  It is very lonely having him gone, but I have sweet friends who have kept me company.  

I found this amazing Chicken Taco Chili recipe pinterest (where else!) and it's sooooo YUMMY!!!  Fall is the perfect time to stay inside, get cozy and have a big bowl of chili.  

I've been been dying to eat some pumpkin bread recently so my friend and I decided to bake a few loaves.  I've never made pumpkin bread before...I've only eaten it!  I found a very easy Pumpkin Bread recipe online.  It turned out so good and very moist (sorry for those of you who don't like that word).  I wish I had some whipped cream to go on top.  Mr. H has such a domestic wife and he isn't even here to enjoy it.  He better hurry back so he can have some before I eat it all.

Now that it's chilly outside, it's time to break out the sweaters, long pants and boots.  I went in my closet and HATE everything I own.  Ever feel like that???  I was desperate need of a few fall items.  My friend and I planned a fun shopping spree.  I got lots of great things AND a pair of brown boots.  I'm still deciding on them though.  I'll show off the great deals I got later this week.  

It was a good, fun weekend, but I'm SOOOOOO ready for today because Mr. H comes home to me tonight!!!!!  It's been a very long last five days.  I sure miss this guy!  He's totally my other half and without him home I totally don't feel the same.  Mr. H get home to me safe and sound.  I can't wait to kiss!!!  


  1. The weather is changing here to so it feels more like Fall. That chili looks amazing! Have fun with Mr. H! Must be nice having him back!

  2. Yummm! That pumpkin bread looks absolutely amazing. I just gave myself a little shopping trip as well - splurging on a fun pair of coral corduroys! Hope you have fun with Mr. H - you all are the cutest!
    CoverGirl + Converse

  3. I made that same Taco Chili Recipe! Wasn't it delicious?!? It's definitely one I'll do again!

    I just busted out laughing when you used the word moist and then apologized for it! :o) It doesn't bother me, but I've got a lot of friends that can't stand that word, too!!

  4. Yum! I've never made chili before but that looks & sounds delicious.


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