Friday, October 19, 2012

fashion friday...costume prep

It's FRIDAY!  I know what you're's not Halloween yet.  Of course I know that; however, I thought I'd share with you some Halloween inspiration since it's just around the corner.  

I've actually never been much into celebrating Halloween.  As a kid, my family would go to a church carnival type of event.  It was fun and honestly all I cared about was the candy.  Ha.  To this day that's the best part for me.  For me, I'd rather skip Halloween and go straight to Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!  

Sassy Cat Woman
In the even I would go to a Costume Party, I would totally love to be CAT WOMAN.  I mean who wouldn't want to at some point.  If I felt I could rock these faux leather leggings, I'd totally be Cat woman just because!    

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Chic Black and Orange
If you aren't into dressing up for Halloween (like me), you can still dress for the occasion in black and orange.  Black and orange can be a scary combination any other time of year because you'll instantly think of it's the perfect time of year to be bold.  Then after Halloween you can wear this outfit with different pants/earrings.      

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I'm linking up with the lovely {av} over at long distance loving for my Friday's Fancies.  Check out some of the other great outfits fellow bloggers have put together.  It's one of my favorite parts of the link up.

If you'll be dressing up for Halloween, what will YOU be?


  1. Hello faux leather leggings! Hot! Haha. I totally agree about black and orange; I'm always weary of it, but I like how you pulled it together here. A great way to enjoy the Halloween spirit at work!

  2. This is excellent! I love how we picked the same cat ears - so cute! Definitely following your blog now :)

  3. cute! i love the cat woman and then the halloween prep would be a good day of halloween wear to work type of costume


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