Wednesday, March 21, 2012

which color?

It's officially SPRING!!  I love this time of year...the weather is beautiful, flowers are blooming, and it's time to pack up your winter wardrobe and break out your spring clothes.  Or in my case (maybe yours too) it's time to start shopping!!

If you've been online or shopping (in any store) recently you know that colored pants and shorts are all the rage this season.  I, myself, am totally giddy.  I love to find ways to spice up my boring wardrobe and I think a pair of these will boost my drab wardrobe quite nicely.

I must admit that several years ago I owned a pair of red jeans.  Notice the past tense.  I realized that they were quite bold and I don't even like the color read.  Hello!  What was I thinking!?!?!  Now that these new pastel pants are sprouting up all over the place, I remember when I owned a pair of turquoise Gap capris.  When I first started dating Mr.H I was going to wear them one outing and he totally looked at me like I was crazy and insisted I not wear them.  I took his advise...another What was I thinking (moment)!?!?!  I should have at least stored them away for later date.  Here we are almost two years later and they are all the rage!

Anyways, I recently bough a pair of coral shorts from Gap (Gap outlet actually!!...Hello savings!) and am looking at buying a pair of colored jeans.  I would like to get two, but I'm pretty sure this is a fad, plus they are bold so I'd like to stick with one for now.  What I'm trying to figure out now is what color I want?  I'm inclined to get a pair of coral jeans or capris, but part of me is leaning towards the mint color.  I need to hurry up and decide because they are selling out all over the place (unfortunately my size is popular...uggg!).

I love the concept of having a bold pant and a more neutral or basic top.  It's the reverse of what I normally do.  Oh how I love fashion!!!

I'll keep you posted once I make my decision.  What are your thoughts on colored jeans/pants/short???

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