Wednesday, March 7, 2012

where do i begin?

Thanks for checking out my new blog: Simply Splendid LOVE!  The last 6 months have been some of the best of my life!  I got married and moved in with my best friend.  I love being married and always being with the one I love.  There is something about always coming home and seeing your favorite person waiting for you.

Now that I am married, I have officially put on my "housewife" hat and am now a "housewife" in training.  I must say it's easier than I might have thought...OR maybe it's because I have an amazing husband-thanks babe!

Here's a little bit about me...

I graduated from Baylor University.

I moved back to Dallas/Ft.Worth, which is where I call home.

I married Mr. H on 9.10.11.  {Yes, we did that on purpose!}
(Thanks to Kelly Beane for our wonderful wedding pictures!!!)

I LOVE to eat and make yummy treats.
To quote my sister-in-law, SB, "I'll have a sliver now
and a slice later."  That's become my motto! Hahaha.
(These yummy treats were done by Christie with Daily Dose of Sweet!)

I am addicted to Pinterest.

My favorite color is pink!

I LOVE to spend time with Mr. H.
(A special thank you to my wonderful boss, Catherine,
for the amazing proposal and engagement pictures!!!!)

My family is very important to me.
(Another Kelly Beane picture.)

I am a photographer and work at Catherine Clay Photography.

Mr. H and I are starting our journey together as husband and wife and I couldn't thank God more for placing him in my life.   Stick around and you'll get a glimpse into my life with Mr. H!

Have a blessed day!


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